Cuomo to ‘welcome’ Obama in Buffalo, miss other tour stops


The question: With President Barack Obama slated to tour upstate New York this week, will Gov. Andrew Cuomo be in tow?

The answer: Yes. Briefly.

On public radio’s “The Capitol Pressroom” Monday, Cuomo said he would “welcome” Obama to Buffalo on Thursday. But Cuomo’s set to skip out on the other two New York stops — Syracuse on Thursday and Binghamton on Friday — in order to help his twin daughters move into college, he said.

“I want to go say hello, to welcome the president to Buffalo,” Cuomo said. “He comes in Thursday and I want to welcome him that morning.”

As a result, Cuomo will be missing “Governor’s Day” at the New York State Fair on Thursday, where it’s traditional for the sitting governor to cut the ribbon to ceremoniously open the proceedings. Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy will stand in for him, Cuomo said.

“I will make it my business to visit the fair another time during the time of the fair,” Cuomo said. “And then I’m going to be spending some time with the girls, getting ready for college and moving them in.”

Cuomo’s college-aged daughters, Cara and Mariah, are heading to Harvard and Brown universities, respectfully.

(AP file photo / Mike Groll)


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