DiNapoli: Our old pension computer system is “battle tested” (Updated)


The state’s pension system computer isn’t old, it’s just aging gracefully, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said today.

In a 26-page response to a scathing state audit last week, DiNapoli refuted that the pension-system computer software — which dates back to the 1950s — is a security threat.

“The Retirement System is run on a secure and battle-tested system written in COBOL, a very stable programming language that is extensively used throughout New York State government as well as by financial institutions throughout the world,” the report says. “It has been a reliable, safe and flexible system that has served members, retirees and users well for decades.”

The report from the Department of Financial Services last week was critical of the system, raising concerns over whether the outdated software could lead to security breaches.

It’s the latest in the ongoing war of words between DiNapoli and Cuomo forces.

DiNapoli’s response said that the audit by Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendent of the financial services department, didn’t highlight that the computer system for the $160 billion pension system is being updated/

“Beginning in April 2007, staff at the Office of the State Comptroller has been working to develop the next system of computer programs to manage NYSLRS for the coming decades,” the response said. “We have been deliberate in our process to avoid costly mistakes made by others while completing such a large system-wide transition. The lack of mention of any progress in this area by DFS is a glaring oversight.”

Updated: Matt Anderson, spokesperson for the Department of Financial Services, shot back at DiNapoli’s report and said they aren’t done auditing the pension fund.

“When you are responsible for a $160 billion pension fund, you should take responsibility for problems and fix them, instead of pretending they don’t exist. The simple truth is that the Office of the State Comptroller itself has said that the system is ‘approaching a point of failure’,” Anderson said. “Their response today does not change that fact. The record also clearly shows that they have not taken sufficient steps over the last six years to address these problems. An IT failure in benefit processing for a nearly $160 billion pension fund would clearly pose a significant risk to beneficiaries and taxpayers. This is the first in a series of audits DFS will release on the state pension fund and we will continue our rigorous oversight.”

Nyslrs Response to Dfs It Examination by jspector


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    What a nasty report from a supposedly professional state Financial Services department. But then again, the “Financial Services” dept was invented by Cuomo and is staffed by his crony and Cuomo never met a pile of money he did not want to control.
    As far as Cuomo is concerned, HE ALONE should be controlling the $160 Billion fund balance in the NYS Retirement System. Cuomo would like nothing more than to siphon off millions to political contributors in big corporations to pay them back in some “contract ” from NYS. Big corporations dont want anyone to have decent pensions.
    Thanks God that Tom DiNapoli has the authority to be the administrator, with his capable staff, of the NYS Pension system.

  2. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Wow! Really. . .DiNapoli: Our old pension computer system is “battle tested” (Updated)”!

    Well! MrDiNapoli I can see that.
    ” . . .how ‘ Gracefully”!

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . nothing! And, just simply nothing makes sense to me; when without any Rule of Law, Local , States, and Federalovoversights of Checks and Balances. . .

    I am not least concerned about the Poets or The Poetry!

    And Without Prejudice. I Respect The Controller as a Person. But! The Country matters more to me, Its economics is the Backbone of Its National Security!

  4. Cuomo, bad as he is, had a plan to start curbing explosive pension costs but relented under DiNapoli, union pressure. Welcome to the New Detroit.

  5. Eye's wide Open on

    Many Municipal employeey’s/civil servants are not even close to being overpaid. There are those that are making tremendous amounts of money in overtime pay and then get grossly rediculus amounts for their pensions that is and was based on their base pay plus their overtime pay. Which the the unspoken rule is that all those close to retirement are the ones to get all or most of the overtime. there isn’t one politician out there with the fortitude/ coglioni to stand up to the police/public safety, corrections and firefighters and say enough is enough. They make so much money in overtime and on their pensions that it doesn’t even faze them that are paying more into their health care. And Rob wants to claim he won such a victory!!!! To the foolish county residents that WANT to believe him. If you think so great of yourself about the signed union contracts and being fiscally responsable Rob, Why didn’t you deal with that high lose of money. How much would the County and all municipalities save if it were that the lowered paid people doing the overtime and the pensions only base on base pay?? Matter of fact, how many would even be doing the overtime if their pensions weren’t based on that???? Can Anybody out there put some numbers to that??? Thanks to Tom DiNapoli politicians on both sides of the isle have not been able to get their greedy hands on that money, which they would make disappear the way Georhe Bush distroyed the social security fund when he authorized tapping into that.

  6. average pension from nys pension fund is 19,000. go at the overtime rules, leave the rest of us alone.

  7. What does DiNapoli care? The taxpayers gave him the 160 billion and the taxpayer is on the hook for any losses.

  8. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Bergie is very right! Bergie
    What does DiNapoli care? The taxpayers gave him the 160 billion and the taxpayer is on the hook for any losses. . ”

    And, it seems to me The Devil of Chase Bank and the NY City’s ( considering all NY State) Kingdom has the same criteria as Mr.Madoff KOUSIN way of doing bussiness and the usual oversight in America in the 21 st Century!

  9. eyes wide open on

    You people have lost your minds if you really believe that money comes from or belongs to the tax payers of new York. That money belongs to all those and only those that have been paying into that pension fund, which was taken from their weekly paycheck. On what basis do you do you feel that this fund belongs to the taxpayers,? I’d love to hear this. This pension fund has been managed extremely by Dinapoli and his people, it has been earning among the best interest for many years making.g it self sustaining. The police, corrections and firefighters pensions will go broke eventually because of the paying out based on their overtime and not paying in any additional money from that overtime. The new people coming in are funding these high pension payouts.

  10. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    What! I can tell is that anyone who ” contributes” in the Pensions. . . it’s obviously, from their Salaries”!

    Ànd,those Contributions from the Salary are to be matched! Not only for Matched Contributions but as a matter of fact ” the Arbitration Payrolls ” that the Town’s, Villages etc have to bear in each year ( lets say 2/3,% ) Tax Increases every untimely Budgets!

    And, although, the Contributions ( as usually for everyone) comes from the Employees. . . But, its burden is borrowed from the Taxpayers! And, no clue who is bearing or passing on its incidences to actually!

    The Taxpayers or The Tex Payers and Those Who are not yet even born. . . !

  11. eyes wide open on

    For that matter the tax payers are on the hook for the pensions of private sector employee’s as well , the cost of matching contributions, overtime and the hugh bonuses. Look at the retirement packages the corporate execs. get, that all gets included into the cost of the product or service they provide. Best of all none of this was even in peoples dreams just a few years ago when salaries, bonuses and the price of homes were raging. Civil service workers was looked at as

  12. eyes wide open on

    Civil service workers were looked down at and criticized for not getting a real job and making some real money, now civil service workers have become political fodder.

  13. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I agree 100% with both Comments by My Fellow Writer ” Eyes Wide Shut”. . . And, I am sure ( whenever )Public Pensions are in Discourse
    “. . . Civil service workers were looked down at and criticized for not getting a real job and making some real money. . . ” Yes! 100% true as seen in Our Daily Political Lives!

    But! FOR THE RECORDS I have never done that. I respect the Public Servants and Those Who Protect ans Serve”! I always speak in Defence of all of them with relations to ” Law and Order” and the Sacred Honor that these Brave Men and Women do in their everyday norm! Its them who put Their Lives on The Line of Duty! And, ( this issue really ) matters most as I think We as a Nation ( that’s another thing; if we really are a Nation or ” Ethnicites at Will and depending which side the wind is blows) is more confusing then this matter! ) However, nonetheless, No One Can Compensate One’s Sacred Honor, that the Uniform Put on Duty for Protection of Our Domestic and Global Security. I am the one who Stand up and ( ask the Town Council ) to be fair towards them. But, they seems to be giving out more to their local Libraries and curtailing the ” Budget” for Patrols! Recently, My Town Supervisor ( despite) a Public Hearing and Against the ” Recomendations ” ( as “,not recommended” passed The Town Budget! He seems to be ok by putting ” one Officer” in the entire area so he doesn’t have to ” Pay for Overtime” This In My Professional Opinions ” endangers the Patrol” without back up. ! Why?

    I never understand! I have been veryvovocals at all times For the Defense of Our Homeland” ! I am the one who always reminded the Local Municipal Governments and The Public that ” Our National Security Begins at Home ( I.e at the Local Levels) ! . . .

    Concluding! I doubt that The Local Town Boards ( as POLICE Commission) and The Town Supervisors with conflict of interest are competent Under The Constitutional Law of Separation of Powers do even conduct and enact such 5 Individual Wills and Resolve It as ” Approved ” or ” Law Making” majority of which decisions are conducted in Private!. . Under ” undisclosed Executive Sessions”!

    But does the OPEN GOVERNMENT allows that?

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST the Political Process and these 5 Popularly Elected Town Board ans Twin Power Holders ( being Police Commissioners) cannot be allowed to make such decisions whatsoever with the absentee Check and Balance!

    And, yet the Most Important Part is Do the Ones For Whom these Elected Representative making Political Part Based Philosophic Decision foe Compensation never aske those who are on the line!

    I have never seen that in My Life time! The Police Officeers are never asked either bu the Town Board, Commissioner of Police Duality, ThePPublic or bu the Press!

    And, yet many are at the forefront to be the First Ones to criticize!

    Doesn’t make Sense! How can one décide about the other without asking or discussing ” the Matter” about whom they are taking about?


  14. Eye's wide Open on

    It seems you are avoiding what I am saying. Yes, the police have very intense jobs but is that a good reason to overload certain members with overtime and then pay them those high pensions based on that overtime?? Also if you were to look into officers salaries, you would see that those working in the low/no crime areas are earning much more money than those working in the high crime aress, especially those just starting.There are many many more civil service workers besides the police that provide services that you and evryone else would be in deep dodo if they decided to not do there job.

  15. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    My intentions as a Writer is not to avoid the ” Self Evident ” Truth! I always do My Utmost to bring things as they are and not as ” they ought to be” ever in this Sacred Trust of Objectivivity that is the need of the Hour in the Challenges that Our National is faced with more from its conducts as displayed on National Média domestically than globally.

    I never be an actor in the Political Stages of NY State’s Politics!. . . .And, I comprehend the truth that you are writing too . . . ! And , acknowledge it in Highest Esteem in Our Duties for National Development.

    But! What I am saying is : when any Town or The State Legislature or Local Legislatures enter The Talks; on this Topic of Compensations they must include ( not just PBAs ) but the ” individual men and women ” in Uniform or The ” jobs that are not uniformed” as ask them directly . . . Engaging them in the discussion when discussing about them! And, I am sure this can be resolved in consensus at largest number.

    We cannot just let a few people ( with Political Interests ) play poker with it! That’s all!

    The Ones who claim to be ” elected in the Most Corrupt Practices ” cannot décide the Fate of Our National Destination and Destiny as they have proved ( particularly since 2006) that the Assembly is a Business and the Serving the People or Policy Making doesn’t exist.

    The Bunch of incompetents need to stop fooling America.

  16. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    And, any Civil or Civilian Servants merit must be the forefront!
    And, not “bring” someone’s Son-in-Law, Brother, Cousin, Keep, etc., given a Government Job Opportunities brings bad name to all Honest People. And, begets more and more corruption!

    And all Honest Men and Women know that!.