State GOP knocks Cuomo for skipping Obama’s Binghamton trip


Gov. Andrew Cuomo was part of President Obama’s first leg of his two-day tour through New York, greeting the president in Buffalo yesterday morning and attending his speech in Buffalo.

After that, the Democratic governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate dropped off the tour and instead took his three daughters to the State Fair.

obamacuomoAPCuomo is skipping Obama’s visit to Binghamton today, which is an area divided over whether the state should move forward with hydraulic fracturing. Cuomo hasn’t decided on whether to proceed with fracking.

That’s not sitting well with state GOP chairman Ed Cox.

“As President Obama heads to the Southern Tier, Governor Cuomo should be by his side, instead of hiding from the mob of anti-fracking protestors. Instead of kowtowing to the most radical voices in his base, the governor should listen to the voice of reason and science,” Cox said in a statement.

Protesters on both sides of the fracking debate have descended on the Binghamton area today.

Obama then heads to Scranton in Pennsylvania, where hydrofracking has been booming in recent years.

“It might do Governor Cuomo well to follow President Obama across the border into Pennsylvania to observe firsthand the 30,000 new jobs and thriving manufacturing sector born from the $10 billion natural gas industry in Pennsylvania in the past several years,” Cox said.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    NYS GOP has nothing. They have NOTHING. Resorting to this sort of public squealing is so sad and pathetic……

  2. Jackson Davies on

    No one believe 30,000 jobs have been created. Cant turst Republicans and big business.

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . The GOP is right! Can you imagine ” TIME MAGAZINE Most Influencing Man Of The World” not accompanying ” The Nobel Prize For Peace the next day he Takes the Oath of The Office of The President of The United States of America!,”


    This is what ( these individuals ) have done to the ” Honor and Dignity” of The United States and Its Respect of The Public Offices of Trust!

    Now! Why do I have to give Protocols of Respectful Poetry that.I never write as an American!

    Tell me what’s American in Andrew Coumo?

  4. LOL – Republican leaders criticize Christie for touring with Obama, then criticize Cuomo for NOT touring with Obama. I’m a Republican, but these guys in Albany (all of them) are nitwits.