It’s “Women’s Equality Day,” so NY legislative leaders are debating


Today is Women’s Equality Day in the U.S., commemorating Aug. 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the U.S Constitution was certified and gave women the right to vote.

It also provided an opportunity today for Democrats and Republicans to point fingers as to why the Legislature left the state Capitol in June without agreeing on a 10-point women’s equality agenda sought by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

NY Senate CoupDemocratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers, said the coalition-led Senate failed to pass Cuomo’s agenda, which included a controversial piece to strengthen abortion rights in New York.

The Senate passed nine of the 10 points, minus the abortion piece. The Democratic-led Assembly passed the whole thing.

“Today should serve as a reminder to all New Yorkers that we have not yet realized the goal of protecting women’s rights, health and values. I look forward to fighting for and passing the Women’s Equality Act and other crucial protections for women’s rights next session,” Stewart-Cousins said in a statement.

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, responded that the Assembly should come back and pass the nine points that the Senate approved, which included stronger workplace protections for women.

“With ‘Women’s Equality Day’ upon us, I once again urge Speaker Silver to bring his members back to Albany to complete work on the nine agreed-upon bills that make up our robust 2013 women’s equality agenda,” Skelos said in a statement.

“Thanks to our efforts, New York stands at the doorstep of achieving historic new laws that will guarantee equal pay for equal work, protect the victims of domestic violence, end human trafficking and stamp out sexual harassment in the workplace. There is no denying that these nine measures will improve the lives of countless women throughout our state, and that the Assembly’s failure to act would be a grave injustice.”

The Legislature is not expected to return to Albany until January, which will be an election year. The Senate is controlled by a coalition of Republicans and four Democrats.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I really have deepest Respect towards God Created Women who have what I don’t have and those who have what I don’t have.

    I think God, Country and We the People all agréé!

    ( Laughter )

    But! I am as a Man at a loss to see these ” at least many women ” who apparently are women in ” physical sense when many are found swimming naked ( what’s known as Clothing Optional) in mixed gender. And, at Corporate America Level a vast majority are ” Lesbians ” !

    In Real World! Lesbians go hooking up with gay men! And, I have been discarded completely many occasions!
    When, I approach a Woman to ask her out on a date; down the Road I realize that woman is actually a Lesbian.

    Now! Since the Matter and the Topic is Openly Embraced, I don’t find it hesitant not to discuss it openly at any Forum. If the NYS Assembly and the US Supreme Court can discuss it so can all Americans too.

    Before! I write the damage that ” the Lesbians ” with double lifestyle and hypocrisy are living and fooling men ti lead them and in reality they are ” men” in many cases!

    I don’t know, if many people are aware the Gays and Lesbians have exclusive Major Business Association similar to the Level of US Chamber of Commerce. You and I are not welcomed in that ” specific typé” of associations or its bussiness advantages.

    However! When we in Todays America talking about Women Rights I really fail to understand how can a Lesbians reap the Benefits? What have the Lesbian got to do with ” Women” or Their Rights?

    Look! ( without Prejudice ) it is a very valid legal question! And, not discussing it is hypocritically wrong and also very damaging and demeaning towards ” the Women” as I described in the first paragraph of this comment.

    I think! It illegal for Lesbians ti take advantage hiding behind their fingers! And , take advantage of ” Women Rights” . . . A detailed discourse proves that ” women ” don’t relate themselves to ” lesbians ” either.

    So why take advantage on their sufferings?

    However! I think for Law and Justice the ” Lesbians ” recluse themselves when topics relating to Women are being discussed!

    It only fair to all! . . .

    Its almost like sayin ” the Majority is of Pink ” where they will maintain their ” minorities” status for example!