Bramson releases his first TV commercial in Westchester county exec campaign


Noam Bramson, the Democratic mayor of New Rochelle, has released his first commercial in the campaign for county executive, where he is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Rob Astorino.

Astorino, who has more money in his campaign account, has been on the air for weeks and has released three ads.

Bramson stays positive in his first spot, talking about taxes, abortion rights, gun laws and economic opportunity.

Click here to see the ad.


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  1. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . Where did the ” Money ” came from that is being spent on ” monopolized and almost Anti-Trust” and for Raising Arguments Sake FOR OBJECTIVE FACY FIND ( borrowimg the FBI’s Definition of ” what looks like an ” Enterprise ” set up! Where the Money Raised For Campaign is ” totally controlled” by the NYS Senate Committee ( where I never received any ad ever and was discarded ” but ” someone definitely got money to have a Private Party in Spring Valley to ” give awards” for community leadership in the backside of Rockland County, NY. And, right after the elections.

    So smoothly that the Rile of Law still remains stunned.

    Is this the way of the Gentlemen?

    Well! The Advertising Business, Sex, Private Parties Surrounded by sexy 25 Somethins in Min Skirts. . .must be fun! Hey! Can We the People can also come yo your Parties!

    How cam these thing work!

    Can I join yyou club! By the way I am also looking for the same age Girls that Donald Trump hires, Marry and Divorces!. . Where are there no such girls for me? How these Girls are so comfortable and the Whole Society Admirés it! Can I do the same?

    And, hope you will admiré me the same way right! And, you are Respectable? Right.

  2. What About the Hutch on

    About time ! So many lies being spewed about by the pretender Astorino in the County Exec office for about a month now. Next Astorino will falsely take credit for curing cancer. LIAR.
    Everyone recalls how the 2011 Board of Legislators had to OVERRIDE Astorino’s veto to put through a 2.2% Westchester property tax cut after he vetoed their finalized budget.
    Astorino and his incompetent hacks had proposed a 1% cut with more cuts to vital services including Probation officers, cuts to Parks Dept programs including the summer festivals (the ones he uses for 3 years to campaign) and hundreds of layoffs of qualified career workers.
    Instead of qualified workers Astorino has hired political patronage riff raff and hangers on who are only concerned about their next paycheck and how little “work” they can actually do as they wait for the workday to end. Many of them are doing nothing more than working on his political campaign on County payroll time clock or chit chatting among themselves.

  3. Bramson’s commercial talks about abortion and guns. What?!? He raised property taxes 109% in New Rochelle. He should do an ad that admits he did raise taxes but that he now knows he screwed up and that he won’t screw up again if given a second chance.

  4. Bramson is talking about taxes? The tax king? If school crossing guards had a union large enough, he’d allocate them $250,000 apiece for three hours a day and a half pay retirement after 5 years.

  5. We all get a good laugh out of anti-Astorinos who desperately and futily try to imply that Democrats are for tax cuts. HA Ha.

  6. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    I maintain ( that) both ” Political Parties” are the same! Look at Spitzer whose votes he is seeking!

    I think they all like going in their backyards in Stockings. At least My Neighbor does! I have even seen him walking in the Backyard totally naked and in women high heals and just sheer black stocking! His Liberty Bell ringing! Ding Ding!

    And, he is a retired ________! Can you imagine.

  7. Hutch, you’re grasping at straws with your support for the Noam the New Rochelle tax king.

    But you tell me Hutch, will Bramson be man enough to release the 2014 New Rochelle budget before the election?

    I can tell you the answer is NO and I’d like to know why?

    I’m sure Astorino will release the next years preliminary budget in early October.

  8. Dragon Coaster Fan on

    So sad to see the Astorino political patronage people posting comments (Some during their work days)…So sad they just recite their talking points and ignore the fact that Astorino is racking up a long list of federal and state and county blunders on a regular basis.
    Just waiting for the the next judge to slap Astorino.

  9. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . if the Candidates, the Political Parties, The ( exclusively run that appears to be General Elections run and Controlled ) Election Commission, and the ” deaf,dumb and blind Supporters of them should leave the ” Judges and The Judiciary” out of it for the Sake of Maintenance of Judicial Respect. . . ! At several times the US Supreme Court was tartargeted too with focused and what’s known as ” today’s majority” . . .

    Blame yourselves only not The Judges! . . .

    With due Respect. There has to be a Line Drawn where unchecked Power cannot be allowed in Making America run by Saddam Husseins, please.

    Where have these Candidates talked about ” Respecting the Rule of Law” It may be Your County, but its in The United States Jurisdiction!

    Look on Your Right Gentlemen! See the Federal Building in proximity to the County Legislature? Respect it!

    And, the Constitution of Our Homeland. You may be here to ” make money and go back home” but this is My Home and Americans are My People. But! Don’t know why the same Individuals remain the Roman Emporers all the time! Where aren’t there others who can Serve the People? May be you guys are running a Felony
    Enterprise!. . . .Its so obviously in your conduct of the domestic affairs of Our United States!

    Say! ( for validating. My Point ) if I walk up to the County Executive Offices and ask How many loyalties ( I mean Nationalities do You Guys have ! ) Will you qualify ” American” ? Many times You guys ( the ones who I Presumably think have ” taken an Oath of Public Trust” are actually talking about the same Country that George Washington build? Well! Reading, this week’s TIME Magazine, I am really, really, confused.

    Is that how is it going to be! Distorting American Sacrificees and History of The Republic?

    Well! Now the Prosecution will rest.

  10. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    ( by HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller)

    Rule of Law Must Prevail! I don’t need anyone’s Permission to ask for it! Respect The Constitution.

    Just so We the People don’t get too carried away not letting the King that She is Naked!

    ( Laughter)