Contracts with NY fracking consultants expired in May


Remember the health professors who were contracted last year to assist the state in its review of hydrofracking?

Their contracts ran out in May.

From today’s Gannett newspapers:

A pair of contracts with professors assisting the state with its review of hydraulic fracturing expired nearly three months ago, but the state has yet to decide on whether to allow the much-debated technique to move forward.

The agreements, worth as much as $24,000 each, expired on May 31, documents obtained by Gannett’s Albany Bureau show. The state Department of Health hasn’t released the academics’ work or revealed any of the documents they were asked to review.


The two professors — Lynn Goldman of The George Washington University and John Adgate of the Colorado School of Public Health — were first contracted by the state in November to assist with Shah’s review.

Their agreements had been set to expire in mid-February, and their initial work had been completed in January.

But after the state missed a February deadline to finalize a set of proposed fracking regulations, the Health Department extended the contracts through May, according to the documents obtained this month under the state’s Freedom of Information law. The extension doubled the cost from $12,000 each to a maximum of $24,000 each.

A third expert, UCLA’s Richard Jackson, had been assisting with the review on a pro bono basis, according to the state.

Here are the copies of the extended contracts. The original contracts can be found here.

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  1. Dr. Shah has been placed in a near-impossible situation. As a physician with experience in public health research, he knows that what is needed is a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment, conducted by qualified public heath professionals with public participation. At the moment, he is stuck with reviewing the DEC’s work, as nearly as can be determined given the shroud of secrecy. There is little published medical research so far, due in part to the relative new-ness of HVHF technology but, more troubling, also to the lack of data available to researchers because of gag orders, confidential settlements, and lack of testing site access by the indsutry. The studies that have managed to amass enough data to project medical impacts, such as the Garfield County, CO study, indicate troubling problems, such as increased cancer risk. This press release, which deals with the preliminary results of an ongoing medical study in SW PA and how it was portrayed in a recent AP story, highlights some of the problems that Dr. Shah faces as he tries to deal with this issue.

  2. In private industry, with all this mony and time spent, if you have nothing to show for it, you are fired or go out of business. Dr Shah, produce a report or get fired, simple as that.


  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . . that’s not ” Contractor” Contracts! That’s Political Bribery ( in the disguise of contractor contracts )

    I don’t know how you want to lookup at it ! If I am not correct then why only those ” Poets” were contacted?

    Show me the Contracting Advertising and the Fair Process of hiring them!

  4. New york is not open to FRACKING business, thank goodness! We are certainly open to green technology- look at what binghamton College is doing on that front- amazing, far reaching, SAFE, green technology! Good for them! We are open to organic farmers, wineries ( the ones that don’t want fracking to contaminate their products), we are open to many types of businesses- we just don’t want dirty, polluting, dishonest and uncaring fossil fuel companies to set up shop here. This report that is supposedly forthcoming at some point will not even be based on anything of import- Dr. shah is using data from our own DEC, contaminated by association with gas industry information. How can it be scientific and unbiased? It can’t. The vast majority of New Yorkers do NOT want fracking allowed here, and the more people learn about the process, the more join the move against it. Ban fracking now!

  5. It’s time to lift the veil of secrecy around NY’s health review of fracking. We need a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment (which is a specific process defined by the World Health Organization) that includes in-put from the public, independent experts and, most of all, transparency.

  6. First off, the vast majority of residents in the southern tier want gas development, pols that supported gas development were overwhelmingly elected/re-elected in the nov 2012 election. Antifracking candidates all lost.
    Second, the health of residents in areas that have drilling have substantially improved, due to better economic conditions and access to healthcare. The anti’s do not want to accept this fact. And in reagardito the wineries, how are they getting gas to cook the juice? Why not have them put up a few windmills on their property, not mine. I’ll take gas anyday.


  7. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . Its all because of lack of leadership and total choas of any ” National Agenda” at the hands and individual mindes of those who forget the meaning of ” the Offices of Public Trust Under Oath”

    They claim to be ” the Representatives of the People”!
    But are they really representing the People or only representing their self interest and the highest bidder?

    Hey! Now go and dance! You choose and The Solo Election Commissions sélect them!

  8. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    . . .New York is already under the ” threats of Farting I mean Fracking!

    ( Laughter )

    And, please don’t add any of this ” Dr.Shah” Frauding!

    And, if that’s the case first allow all Military Exercises that were stoppeddue to ” the eenvironmentalist concerns”. . .
    Pay for the Defense Budget and then we can consider discussing the ” Farting or Fracking” issues!

    This is not fair to The State of New York and The United States! No Fracking! No Drill Baby Drill! without a Real National Policy Review, Discussion, Research and consensus.

    Ladies and Ladies! ( also endangered Gentlemen) LOL.

    ( Laughter)
    ( Laughter)
    ( . . . more laughter!)

    *and the Curtains were drawn for ” behind closed door meetings of corruption maintenance) LOL!

    Note: I didn’t know NY can be so. . .