Sustainable Playland gets two week extension to submit improvement plan for historic park


When Sustainable Playland signed an agreement at the end of July with Westchester County to manage Playland Park in Rye, it was given 30 days to submit an improvement plan for the park. But the organization has now been given a two week extension, meaning the plan won’t be in until around Sept. 5.playlanddragon

The plan, which will detail all the major proposed physical changes, will be reviewed by the administration of County Executive Rob Astorino and then submitted to the Board of Legislators for approval. If the board has not approved the plan by Jan. 1, Sustainable Playland can pull out of the deal.

Geoffrey Thompson, a spokesman for Sustainable Playland, said the extension was needed to put all the pieces in place and the plan is expected to be ready by the new deadline.

As the approvals for Sustainable move forward, Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins is continuing a legal challenge to Astorino’s right to sign the management agreement without board approval.


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  1. Jackson Davies on

    It is a sham firm with no ideas and no backing and no means to actually do anything without massive County of Westchester subsidies. You watch my words. In effect, this firm is now in default of their agreement.

  2. Dragon Coaster Fan on

    Is this shady? They receive a contract but they submit no plans? Where in sound business methods is that done?
    Sounds like someone (the Westchester taxpayers) are being taken for a grifter ride by these clowns at “Sustainable”. The name is also a cruel joke by the way.

  3. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller on

    Knock! Knock!
    Whose there?
    Playland!. . .
    Playland Who?

    “. . . Sustainable Playland!”

    Excuse me!.. whaaaaaaaaaat!
    Well! Never heard such a thing in My 25 Years of Political Writing that a ” Playland ” can be ” sustainable “!
    When I read the news; tried to keep thinking what exactly does this type of Playland is this!. . . .Then, Charles Dicken walked in the Thoughts and said ” you fools ” sustainable Playland! Mean, its sustains the Corruption of the Corrupts of New York! And , filling each others pocket as pre First World War Germany! You B$%&@#+.

    ( Laughter )