Anti-frackers say they’re on to Cuomo’s game


The various factions of anti-hydrofracking activists have repeatedly proven their organizing skills, turning out big crowds to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his State of the State address, the New York State Fair and various appearances across New York.

But they weren’t there today, when Cuomo traveled to the heart of the gas-rich Marcellus Shale to attend a meeting on flood recovery at Binghamton University. The reason? The 10 a.m. meeting wasn’t officially announced by Cuomo’s office until around 7:15 a.m. this morning.

It’s not the first time Cuomo has abruptly announced an appearance at a place fracking critics would be likely to attend.

Last month, after anti-fracking groups had publicly announced plans to trail Cuomo at the opening of the New York State Fair, Cuomo said he wouldn’t be attending because he was spending time with his twin daughters before they left for their freshman year of college. But when the day came, Cuomo’s office hastily announced he would be making an appearance after all, less than an hour before he was expected to arrive and after the activists had cancelled their planned protest.

The same day, Cuomo did not attend President Barack Obama’s town hall discussion at Binghamton University, though he had attended Obama’s speech at the University at Buffalo earlier in the day.

Alex Beauchamp, Northeast region director for Food & Water Watch and a member of coalition group New Yorkers Against Fracking, said fracking opponents are on to Cuomo’s game.

“Guess we know how the Cuomo Administration wants to limit anti-fracking crowds at his events – by only giving a few hours notice,” Beauchamp said in a statement. “First the State Fair, now Binghamton. Governor Cuomo needs to face New Yorkers and the science on fracking, which overwhelmingly dictate no fracking.”


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  1. what a bunch of nut heads! These people don’t want upstaters to prosper nor do they want energy independance for America. I think they all need to start working on something else.

  2. Andrew Cuomo is right in keeping his plans to be in public quiet when it comes to dealing with these eco-terroist groups who have threatened the life of Senator Tom Libous, Article in NY Post A lawmaker in New York State told the New York Post that he is getting death threats because of his stance on the natural gas “hydrofracking” process.
    State Senator Thomas Libous, a Republican, said environmental radicals who oppose the gas drilling process known as hydrofracking have threatened him. Libous is a strong supporter of the technique.
    an advocte of drilling as well as threatened and vandalized landowners in upstate ny by painting swastikas on their properties, shoving trees into unfinished pipelines, broke control valves off drilling equiptment with sludge hammers, poisoned there own water wells with anti freeze to blame it on drilling, put gasoline in thier water lines to mislead the public into thinking there water was flamable, These ECO – Terroist need not to ber pre notified of any politicians visit

  3. The Governor promised that he would be transparent in his administration and in announcing his schedule. However, transparency has been strangely lacking in his dealings with HVHF.

    This is not a security issue. The crowds of people demonstrating against HVHF and for renewable energy at the governor’s events carry signs, chant slogans, and stay behind whatever security barriers are in place. Food and Water Watch and the many other organizations involved are dedicated to non-violence.

  4. Joanne Corey

    The headlines and threats from Bill Huston, The willingness to break the law by Sandra Stiengrabber and friends speak volumes that your willing to do anything to get in a headlinwe

    The debate took a nasty turn last week when MDS employees found six shotgun blasts that were fired into the plastic lining of the drill cuttings pit on the well site The fact that they brought firearms into the equation and it’s 100 yards from the landowner’s house, we’re taking this extremely seriously,” said Mike Knapp, owner of Knapp Acquisitions & Production, which acts as the land agent and public relations for MDS. “We take this as a statement of violent intimidation.”

    The liner of a containment pit at a drill site in Hebron Township was damaged by vandals during the nighttime hours of May 4. Trooper Roger McCloskey of the Coudersport-based State Police reported that the site on White Choppin Road is operated by Triana Energy of Charleston, W.V.

    During the past two decades, radical environmental and animal rights groups have claimed responsibility for hundreds of crimes and acts of terrorism, including arson, bombings,vandalism and harassment, causing more than $100 million in damage. While some activists have been captured,ecoterror cells – small and loosely affiliated – are extremely difficult to
    identify and most attacks remain unsolved. Although it has been overshadowed by Islamic terrorist threats since
    September 11,


  5. Fracking is controlled by Big MOney and they will do anything and blog anything to have their way. Lies, threats, bribes

  6. Anti-fracking is controlled by überlegen liberal elite that want to control your property rights from their NYC martini lounges. They will do anything, including threaten legal activities with violence, if they do not get their way. The Park Foundation doles out money to Catskill Rivercreeper, Dog-Food and Water Watch as paid minions to threaten King Cuomo and law-abiding farmers.

  7. To a large extent Cuomo has brought this on himself. By endlessly delaying the drilling regs he has given the anti-fracking crowd literally years to get organized and funded by Soros, Park Foundation etc. The conflict festers and the opposition becomes stronger. If he had just made the decision 3 years ago when the studies were completed (hey, even Obama says fracking is safe and should be done) he wouldn’t have to hide from the envirowackos. Of course…he’d still have to hide from the anti-SAFE Act protestors, but that’s another story.