HUD moves to reallocate 2011 Westchester grants


With the decision Friday by a federal appeals court ending Westchester’s fight to keep $7.4 million in community development grants from 2011, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said it would move quickly to reallocate the money to other jurisdictions.

Click here for a story on the ruling by the court.

About $5.4 million in Community Development Block Grants will go to 37 communities in the metro area, including New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon and White Plains, which apply separately from the county for the grants. Just under $406,000 in Emergency Solutions Grants, which fund programs for the homeless, with be transferred to New York State and can be used within Westchester.

Because of the program’s specific rules, the $1.7 million HOME Investment Partnership Program grant will be offered to communities nationwide.

After the ruling, HUD issued this statement from Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones:

“It is unfortunate the County continues to fall short in its duty to identify barriers to fair housing choice and to work to overcome these obstacles. This continuing failure to meet these requirements offers HUD no choice but to make these funds available to other jurisdictions that are willing to meet their civil rights obligations.

“The Department will continue to assist the County in efforts to promote fair and equitable housing options for working families.”


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  1. It is getting worse and worse every week with Astorino. What a disaster he is for Westchester. Arrogant political stance to keep his name in the headlines has now cost Westchester $7.4 million in needed grants funding and will cost ADDITIONAL fines for refusing to comply with a signed court decision. Shame. All taxpayers will now be paying for this political game by Astorino.

  2. Way to go Asstro Boy, Who’s going to get stuck to get stuck paying for this. Astorino caused this then he and his genius handelers should cough up the money and reimburse the county coffers for the lost money and the fines the county will be hit with.

  3. Good. Get out HUD, and don’t come back. Head for North Korea. There might be still someone there with a little house that you can build a welfare dome next to.