VIDEO: Cuomo blasts “Wandering Dago” food cart


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has no sympathy for the “Wandering Dago” food cart that was ousted from the Saratoga Race Course.

The cart’s owners are suing the state after they were tossed from the track this summer after Cuomo aide Ben Liebman saw the cart and complained to the New York Racing Association.

“I think if you had a state official that didn’t see the name ‘Wandering Dago’ and a buzzer went off and a flag was raised, then you would say that person was asleep at the switch. The name is obviously offensive,” Cuomo told reporters today.

The cart’s owners are arguing that NYRA approved the cart and the name, yet they were thrown out after Liebman’s complaint.

Cuomo said the cart’s name flies in the face of the state’s spirit of diversity and acceptance.

“This is a state that prides itself on diversity and we are multi-ethnic, and we are multi-racial,” Cuomo said. “How do you make it work? We don’t allow discrimination of one another and we don’t allow stereotyping and we don’t allow slurs and we are sensitive to it because we are that diverse.”

And he defended Liebman’s decision.

“The name is obviously offensive. If someone didn’t find it offensive, I would question that person,” Cuomo said.


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  1. Has Cuomo checked with the many state, federal, and local governmental agencies that issued licenses and permits to the WD – that collected fees, premiums, and taxes from WD – and did not once “raise a flag” or hear “the buzzer” about the name?

  2. We are so diverse that if Wall Street moved out (and they eventually will) we’ll be effectively bankrupt.

  3. I agree with (Snapdragon) in the fact that once “an agency” should have realized that the WD name IS ethnically offensive… If someone somehow got a “Derogatory” customized license plate to slip thru the cracks and onto the streets and someone eventually noticed it and reported it I’m sure DMV would revoke/remove it. That’s exactly what they should do here… case closed… lesson learned.