Westchester exec race: Bramson releases ad on gun shows


Noam Bramson, the Democratic candidate for Westchester county executive, released a TV ad Tuesday featuring family members of victims of gun violence talking about Republican County Executive Rob Astorino’s positions on guns, particularly his decision to bring gun shows back to the Westchester County Center.

Bramson has focused on hot-button social issues in his campaign including guns, abortion and gay marriage, even though they rarely come up at the count level, and called Astorino a Tea Party conservative.

“This ad highlights the devastating, real-world impacts that gun violence has on our communities, and explains exactly why Republican Rob Astorino’s actions in office have been so wrong,” said Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro in a statement. “Rob can pretend his extreme views on issues like gun safety don’t matter, but this ad shows exactly why they do and why they should concern Westchester County voters.”


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  1. the county executive has zero to say about abortion gay rights and gun laws..he is neither a member of the US
    congress nor is he a member of the state legislature
    so for noam bramson to attempt to criticize astorino
    based on those issues is something that will not
    pursuade westchester county voters…they are concerned
    with taxes education and the quality of life issues
    and they are also keenly aware that the reason they
    elected astorino in the first place is because
    andy spano let them down and surrounded himself with
    the trappings of power even though he was just the
    chief operationg officer one of 52 counties in the state
    astorino has shown none of that arrogance and an
    understanding that the average joe in this county
    doesn’t need continuing tax increases because he simply
    can’t afford it…and while astorino has been in office
    taxes have not gone up…compare that to noam bramson
    in new rochelle and you will see a big difference..
    it is only liberal democrats like bramson who would
    accept a 40% pay increase for a part time job and accept
    free health care for life…and it matters not whether
    he gave them to himself…the fact is he accepted them

  2. Noam doesn’t want you to think or know to much about New Rochelle’s finances so he brings up issues that aren’t part of the job. Just a distraction & the voters should pay no attention to idiot (Noam) behind the curtain.

  3. It all comes down to the tax and spend Mayor and the County Executive who kept his campaign promise not to raise taxes. Noam introduces window dressing issues in an attempt to direct people away from his horrible record as Mayor.

    Tax increases = Noam Bramson
    No tax increase = Rob Astorino

    It is that simply.

  4. Right on Kim!

    But do you think Bramson will release next year’s New Rochelle budget before the election or not?

    In 2011, he released the budget the day after the election. Can you believe that?

  5. I live on the east coast of Westchester and I can tell you New Rochelle is in bad shape under Mayor Bramson’s lack of leadership.

  6. Bramson runs against Rob Astorino and this is how he does it ? More anti-gun Propaganda ?..playing on fear ? are your voters so Paranoid that they’ll easily be convinced that “The Gun” is responsible ? Mental Illness and Criminals are not to blame?
    How many “Illegal Guns” were purchased at the County Center Shows ? How Many ? …NONE. Sportsmen/Hunters/Collectors are the ones who visit these shows – not the Criminals.
    Apparently you would have banned these shows based on your own fear of Guns ..a personal agenda. Astorino did the right thing and based his decision on Facts and the Law .
    Gun Paranoia had nothing to do with it …but Fear and mis-information are wonderful tools for elections huh ?
    But now those shows have been stopped again ….the Westchester County Taxpayers lose out.
    Bramson ,If this is the way you operate .. you’re the wrong person to have as our County Executive .
    We get enough smoke and mirrors from our State & Federal Gov and don’t need incompetence at the County Level .

  7. Bramson will see how many Gun Owners Westchester has when the Election Results come in ..This will cost him

  8. Taxes, taxes and more taxes = Mayor Bramson, call anyone you know in New Rochelle and they will tell you the horror stories of trying to make ends meet while your taxes go up and up and up, etc……

    Rob Astorino has not raised taxes once during his term as County Executive as he promised.

  9. Until recently I was not overly concerned with the race for Westchester executive – I was not planning on voting at all until I saw the TV spot by Bramson’s campaign that demonizes gun shows. Now because of the ad, I will vote AGAINST Bramson! Way to go Noam!

  10. I lived in new ro for a year. If for some reason you are thinking of voting for bramson drive through down town new ro. I would say 60 to 70 percent of the commercial space is vacant. I know there are some rich areas but I awould say they are there in spite of bramson. If you want to see what westchester would look like under bramson drive through new ro…typical liberalism. Where the best support the worst.