Six-figure salaries for the Moreland Commission staff


The Moreland Commission is apparently being funded through the state budget from existing funds, about $270,000 so far, and it has a six-member staff — all making near or above six figures, state records show.

capitol2The six staff members, according to the state Comptroller’s Office, all appear to be on loan from other state agencies or the Attorney General’s office.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed the Moreland Commission in July to root out corruption in state government. The commission has been holding hearings around the state.

The full-time employees are essentially support staff for the commission, which has nearly two dozen prosecutors on it serving on a voluntary basis.

The Buffalo News reported that the budget for the office appears to be $270,000 so far.

Here’s the salaries and the staff’s previous positions:

  • Executive director Regina Calcaterra, executive department: $175,000
  • Assistant attorney general Kelly Donovan, office of the attorney general: $164,000
  • Investigative auditor Elizabeth Danya Perry, executive department: $140,000
  • Assistant attorney general John Amodeo, office of the attorney general: $138,000
  • Deputy director Tyler J. Friedman, department of corrections: $125,000
  • Director of public information Michelle Nicoll-Duffy, division of criminal justice services: $93,500



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  1. I don’t care if you give them 3 million dollars each if they root out all the carnival corruption up there.

  2. Here’s my David Letterman’s Top 6

    1. Political appointees
    2. Dissolve Empire State Development
    3. Dissolve Battery Park Authority and their board.
    4. Make sure all large donors to our governor don’t sit on authorities boards.
    5. Civil Service needs to be revamped and is corrupt. How does a job become vacant for 5 years, even though we all know ppl have retired in the division and even some have
    died. Still no replacements.
    6. Revamp the entire MWBE Division for the state of NY and it’s staff. Corruption ramped in this area with pass through applications.

  3. What happened to acceptance of public service for the good not for inflated salaries while New Yorkers are receiving less SNAP (food stamps) and children are going to sleep and school hungry? What does JCOPE accomplish except protect campaign contributors of his? Perhaps our Attorney General should do what he was elected to do which is exactly what this latest machinations of Cuomo is duplicating at great cost to the taxpayers.