Bramson campaign comments on Somers sign controversy


The campaign of Noam Bramson, the Democratic candidate for Westchester county executive, waded in to the controversy over the removal by Somers police of an anti-gun-control sign Thursday.

Despite Bramson’s promise to support gun control legislation, the campaign issued a statement condemning Somers Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy for ordering police to remove the sign from the town right of way in the sign owner’s front yard. Murphy is a Republican running for county clerk.

The campaign called on his opponent, Republican incumbent County Executive Rob Astorino, to join his call.

“Gun safety is a crucial issue in this election, and people have a right to express their beliefs about it regardless of what side of the aisle they’re on,” said Bramson spokesman Barry Caro in a statement. “During this campaign, Mr. Astorino has plastered lawn signs on public property throughout Westchester regardless of local restrictions. That’s why we hope he’ll join us in condemning his running mate’s censorship. Somers should allow Mr. Gibson to oppose gun safety laws, just as we expect we’ll be allowed to publicly support them.”

Caro also condemned the threat against the police the town police chief said had come into the department.

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  1. Bramson hates anyone who would even think of owning a gun, does he really think anyone will fall for this ploy?

  2. Only Bramson thinks gun safety is part of the discussion.

    Just goes to show everyone how delusional he is.

  3. oppose gun safety laws?? Nothing in the SAFE act will make anyone safer. Even the people that voted for it admit that.

    It is obvious Mr Bramson is conflicted on how to exploit this story to further his political career.

  4. Retired from the job on

    According to reports the Supervisor, Marybeth Murphy stated that it was her understanding that it was on Town Property. if that’s the case so be it, but I’m sure if it is determined that it was on private property it will be rectified. Bramson has slashed the New Rochelle Police Department. I think the residents of New Rochelle should arm themselves and I’m talking about the law abiding Americans. The laws Bramson want will only empower the criminals and turn the law abiding ones into criminals. I know Marybeth is pro 2nd amendment and of course pro 1st amendment. She will not allow our names and address of lawful licensed handgun owners to be published like the current County Clerk.

  5. Fact is that Astorino is continuation to run TV commercials with LIES about Bramson.
    NOTHING in Astorino’s televised TV commercial hate campaign is reality. Astorino is running a propaganda campaign to fool people; as they said in Russia, if you say a lie often enough a certain percentage of people will start believing it.
    Unfortunately for Astorino, Westchester is full of smart people and come November Noam Bramson will be the County Executive of Westchester.
    Defending the right of free speech in the USA should not be denigrated.

  6. Fact check…. How can you promote Branson’s credibility two inches below an article where he lies thru his teeth? What bizarro world do you think we live in?

  7. So now the Noam Bramson wants to attack an excellent leader in Marybeth Murphy who is loved by her home town residents. The officer was enforcing the town codes regarding signs, it had nothing to do with the words on the sign.

    Mayor Bramson should talk about his years of raising taxes for the residents of New Rochelle while Rob Astorino kept his promise of not raising taxes as he promised.

    This race is about taxes and more taxes!

  8. Hey KIM just so you know, Astorino is not the one responsible for the lowering of the taxes. That was due tot he Board of Legislators. They did that not him.And what did it save you anyway? $1.25 a year? And how much did your school tax go up? It made no difference at all.

    If you blindly believe what you see on TV, you should go to the county building and see how many of his cronies he has placed in different departments.
    See how many people work in the CE office that are paid from other budgets to hide them.
    See how many young little girls now work in the CE office, makes it look like a harem.
    Ask about the prayer sessions in his office.
    Ask about the campaign planning and paraphernalia that are on his floor that is ILLEGAL to have and do on county property.
    You dont know jack about what really goes on with this man.

  9. Here is what I do know Ogre, I know Rob Astorino has kept his campaign promise of not raising taxes and Mayor Bramson is killing the people of New Rochelle with tax increases year after year – that my friend is a FACT.

    Taxes matter and I want the candidate who has a proven record of NOT raising taxes, that is Rob Astorino.

  10. New Rochelle Against Bramson on

    This is insane. Bramson and his cronies have made a specific effort to remove “No Echo Bay” signs from New Rochelle “Right of Ways” across New Rochelle. He has engaged in the exact same behavior that he seems to be condemning here. This guy will do and say anything if he thinks he can get some press out of it. Bramson is on the payroll of Forest City – is the developer of Echo Bay…and will do anything to shove it down the throat of the taxpayers of New Rochelle. ATTENTION WESTCHESTER RESIDENTS – DO NOT FALL FOR THE POLITICAL SHOWMANSHIP OF BRAMSON> HE WILL BANKRUPT YOU JUST AS HE IS DOING TO THE CITIZENS OF NEW ROCHELLE.

  11. Hey Kim, what part of that DisAstorino had nothing to do with the lowering of the County portion of the taxes, it was the Legislatores and Robby even vetoed their budget and they had to override his veto. Wake up. Are you one of the little cuties running around up there. I also have heard about how crowded it is with all of you. The term Tea Party fits, but what’s in the tea.

  12. So, Bramson chimes in on an issue about the taking down of a sign on Town property as though he has a shred of credibility left to comment about anything at all. Bramson- talk about YOUR record. Talk about YOUR efforts to bankrupt New Rochelle. Bramson is a fake and a fraud. Taxpayers wake up! His political attack on Ms. Murphy is a thinly veiled attempt to put the focus somewhere else. It doesn’t fool most of us. For those it does fool, I feel sorry for you.