Westchester legislative race: Five Republicans win write-in upsets for Independence line


Five Republican candidates for Westchester Board of Legislators have won write-in primaries that will put their names on the Independence line on the general election ballot.

The Independence Party froze Republicans out of the line in contested races this year and nine were able to challenge the endorsed candidates, all Democrats, through the write-in process called opportunity to ballot. The line could help Republicans in close races.

“This is a very gratifying victory for my campaign but more important, it is a victory for the principles of fair and honest elections,” said Legislator Sheila Marcotte, who won her write-in challenge in District 10. “The true spirit of the Independence Party has been affirmed by the rank and file members.  The huge margin of victory in this race is a clear rebuke to the back room-dealing and patronage-begging that the Independence Party bosses have engaged in.”

Here are unofficial results from the Westchester Board of Elections:

District 1 (Peekskill, Buchanan, Yorktown)

Duane Jackson, D, 113

John Testa*, R, 127

District 2 (northeast Westchester)

Peter Harckham*, D, 164

Andrea Rendo, R, 115

District 5 (White Plains, Scarsdale, Harrison)

Benjamin Boykin, D, 33

Miriam Levitt Flisser, R, 16

District 6 (Harrison, Rye Brook, Port Chester)

Mark Jaffe, D, 64

David Gelfarb*, R, 19

John Verni, R (in District 7), 1

District 7 (Mamaroneck, Rye, Larchmont, Harrison, New Rochelle)

Catherine Parker, D, 34

Thomas Murphy, D, 4

John Verni, R, 61

(Verni also won a Green Party write-in primary with 5 votes to Parker’s 1 vote)

District 9 (Cortlandt, Croton, Ossining, Briarcliff, Peekskill)

Catherine Borgia*, D, 107

Peter Tripodi IV, R, 78

District 10 (Eastchester, Tuckahoe, New Rochelle)

Mary Jo Jacobs, D, 47

Sheila Marcotte*, R, 118

District 11  (Pelham town, New Rochelle)

Stavros Pantelis, D, 23

James Maisano*, R, 103

District 14 (Yonkers, Mount Vernon)

Rachelle ‘Rocky’ Richard, D, 33

Bernice  Spreckman*, R, 58

* Incumbents

Maps of the Board of Legislators districts are at www.westchesterlegislators.com. Click Interactive Maps at the bottom of the page.


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  1. Years ago before 1970 the legislative body of the county consisted of a board of Supervisors of the municipalities within Westchester County. It was a working relationship to decide which functions should be performed by the local government and which should be handled by the County as a whole, such as the medical center and penitentury. In 1970 a court order mandated the establishment off 17 Legislative Districts. This resulted in a hodgepodge of 17 new elected officials with no particular connection to anything. Legislators are typically out of touch with the actual functioning of the County and the positions are used to get jobs for inneffective clubhouse political cronies instead of professional public administration managers.

  2. What an embarrassment for the Democrats and with Bramson leading them, the Republicans should be able to take back the BoL.

    Bramson offers nothing to Westchester County residents except the promise of higher spending & taxes to pay for it.

    Who can afford that?

    Who wants to roll back the clock and bring back Andy Spano?

  3. Eliminate County Government. Connecticut has none and subsequently, lower taxes. In the meantime, vote for Astorino if you value your thinning wallet.

  4. If you look real close at Connecticut it is also very corrupt. Westchester County’s big tax problem are the 24 plus school districts each with it’s own little fiefdom costing the cvounty tens of millions of dollars. if you were to look at other ares in the country with similar pop., range in affluence and otherdemographics, those areas have only one (1) school district , one Superintendent. Maybe what should be done is reduce the county to 4 or 5 districts.