Federal government shutdown suspends water treatment case against Westchester


The government shutdown has led the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to ask a judge to order the suspension of all civil cases, including the U.S. government’s enforcement case against Westchester over water treatment.

Judge Loretta Preska ordered the cases stayed until the day after the president signs into law a budget that includes funding for the Department of Justice.

The Environmental Protection Agency sued Westchester County in August after the county missed an April 2012 deadline to begin ultraviolet treatment of water going to Water District 1, which includes Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale, White Plains and part of North Castle. The southern part of the district is already getting treated water.

For more on the lawsuit click here.


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  1. I say for every (Day) the government is shutdown All elected politicians should lose (1) one month salary, stipends and perks. Should not be allowed to leave Washington, no weekends off. Also instead of closing parks and the stadiums and stopping the money going to the little people, cancel all subsides for the year to oil, gas and tax breaks to the corporations.

  2. Jackson Davies on

    Gotta hate Republicans for doing this disgraceful act of political desperation. Their reputation as obstructionists and crybaby dinosaurs has been cemented in place to most Americans as useless stinking suits with no ideas for moving the USA forward. Republicans: Only in it for self enrichment and doing the bidding of billionaires who contribute to their campaigns to stay in power:

  3. Big deal, they are shut down its really paid tome off. When they are brought back they will get paid for those days off. Lay out of the money is only delayed and no work will be getting done for it. We the tax payers lose. I agree, don’t pay the a–wipes in congress for failing to do their job. Those clowns campaigned on shutting down government. I feel there must be several laws broken here, not to say holding our country hostage to their demands. Are they not subverting our government???.

  4. The country is losing millions of dollars in revenue by closing all the federal buildings, parks, navy/army football stadiums, museums, etc,etc. Those that are really losing are all those small businesses that rely on all the tourist, they can not recover those loses.