Rye Playland beach opens to dogs Tuesday for winter season


The dog lobby has won its fight to roam Playland beach this winter despite the complications caused by construction on the boardwalk and ice casino.playlanddogs

The beach opened to dogs Tuesday after being closed last winter during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the repairs to the boardwalk and park. Dog owners were concerned it would be closed again this year as the county prepares for more construction that will require staging areas and safety zones.

Parks Department Deputy Commissioner Peter Tartaglia said there will always be some access to the boardwalk but the beach may be closed as needed over the winter to allow for the construction. The closures likely won’t start for several weeks.

Click here for more on the repairs.

Note: The Parks Department asks dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Photo courtesy of Leocadie Robertson.


2013 Oct 1 Beach open sign.JPG


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  1. How awful that Astorino has plastered his name in desperate big to get re-elected on every park sign by handing a new metal sign below the existing signs or ordering that every park sign and banner have his name all over them (such as these dog signs).
    Never mind the endless stream of pamphlets and other trash and trinkets put out by his hand picked Tourism hack
    All of the above is using OUR TAX MONEY to help re-elect this desperate Astorino