Playland improvement plan sent to Westchester legislature


The administration of County Executive Rob Astorino has sent the Playland Improvement Plan to the Westchester Board of Legislators, starting the formal approval process for the physical changes to the park.playlandcoaster

The administration is asking the board to approve only the major changes contemplated for the first year of the 10-year agreement, including the removal of the miniature golf area, the reconfiguration of the parking lots and the construction of a field house and outdoor fields. It indicates that there will be annual Playland Improvement Plans sent to the board for approval.

An opinion from County Attorney Robert Meehan several months ago that outlined the board’s role in the approvals process for the Rye park effectively handed the board a veto over Astorino’s plans to turn Playland over to a private nonprofit. The board’s approval is needed for the group, Sustainable Playland, to execute its plans for the park, including refurbishing the historic buildings, bringing in new rides and adding the field house, outdoor fields and other new attractions.

The board has until Jan. 1 to approve the plans or Sustainable Playland can pull out of the deal.

But there’s skepticism among some board members about whether the plans can work, particularly because they reduce the number of parking spaces.

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  1. Save the Dragon on

    Where is any of the funding for Sustainable Playland coming from? Will they issue bonds, get outright grant funds from the Westchester taxpayers in some scheme? Is there any safety guarantee for Westchester taxpayers? Will we see huge Pepsi and corporate logos everywhere? Why are taxpayers not included in any of this? What are these secret plans and improvements. Why do we need a “Field House”? Who will utilize it and who will keep the rent if it is rented? What rental policy to caterers, restaurants, and other commercialization entities of Playland Park Land will generate how much and who will get those revenues? Who will clean up? Who will pay the electric, gas, fuel, and supply bills? Who will hire and fire workers? What about learning curves for any new entity? Any answers?

  2. Save the Dragon on

    For that matter is Tiki Bar (same owner as Seaside Johnny restaurant) paying any of the utility bills for their electricity and gas or is the Playland Park (County) paying that? Do they pay for trash costs from the Tiki? Do they pay for County police coverage?