In Oneida County, Hillary Clinton touts U.S. oil-and-gas production


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 80-minute lecture and discussion at upstate Hamilton College on Friday touched on dozens of issues — the government shutdown, the global economy, what it takes to be a president and the creation of merlot ice cream, to name a few.

But a few ears in the press corps perked up when she made a brief mention of a major issue facing New York: Production of oil and natural gas.

Late into the lecture portion of Clinton’s Oneida County appearance, she referenced a report that the U.S. in on track to surpass Russia in domestic oil-and-gas production.

That’s good news, Clinton said.

“What that means for viable manufacturing and industrialization in this country is enormous,” she said to the crowd of 5,800 in Hamilton’s athletic field house.

Natural-gas extraction has been a hotly debated issue in New York as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration weighs whether to open its portion of the gas-rich Marcellus Shale to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The increase in domestic U.S. production has been tied directly to the rise of large-scale fracking, which has allowed drillers to target shale formations that were once thought unreachable.

New York first began putting together permitting guidelines for high-volume fracking in 2008. There’s no word on when a final decision may come down, despite Health Commissioner Nirav Shah first saying in January that his review of the technique would be completed within weeks.

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  1. North of the Hutch on

    She’s endorsing Fracking? Say it ain’t so Batman, but finally someone’s seen the light.

  2. Apparently Clinton is unaware of the health problems and other hazards of the pollution fracking creates which affects air, ground, and water.

  3. The IPCC and other climate researchers have made clear that only a third or less of known fossil fuel reserves can be extracted and used if we hope to stay below the 450 ppm atmospheric carbon level and keep climate change in the merely bad range rather than tipping into the catastrophic range. Increased fossil fuel production is bad news for the country and the world; increased energy efficiency and increased renewable energy are good news.

  4. North of the Hutch on

    wow the nuts are out in force today on the boards.

    Get a clue guys, frackings here to stay and I prefer NY to pump some before PA beats us to the punch.

    We also need clean & cheap fuel. All you want is for our country to remain dependant on the middle east.

  5. Looks like Hil’s funders have gotten to her. A fact-focused wonk like her knows that fracking has a proven record of fouling the air, endangering water supplies, ruining the local economies and post-boom lives of people living in rural communities like ours where mineral/gas/oil is extracted. She’s just like the rest or our golden rule politicoes–he/she who has the money makes the rules AND writes the speeches.

  6. Sounds like the former First Lady is out of touch with NY and the USA. US energy independence is important, but what we need is a renewable source, not the same old plan of extracting it, leaving the land scarred and polluted, once it runs out, and moving on. Even with their best estimates, the industry itself recognizes the source is limited; it will run out. Why on earth would we begin a new investment in an old, poisonous, and destructive energy source, when for the same investment, we could have energy independence in 10 years, never again, beholden to the oil and gas conglomerates. Think long term. And by the way, the profits are at the top, when’s the last time Shell or Mobil, etc. did something because it was a great idea or helped anyone? Follow the money!

  7. Hillary Clinton is no stranger to fracking. When she was Secretary of State, as per her boss’s orders, she went around the globe touting fracking all through the countries she visited and even helped them find shale gas reserves. She also touted TPP (which Kerry is sewing up while we are mired in the budget at home). She is bought and paid for by the Global Industrial Complex. My wonder is will we define ourselves as a species who’s greed took us down because there will be no water for food and no air to breathe because as she states of fracking as “viable manufacturing and industrialization in this country is enormous.” Question Mrs. Clinton, would YOU live next to a fracking site since you think it’s so great for our country? Instead we should be using solar,geo thermal heating and cooling, switch grass based and algae based bio fuels, plant based plastics. Not posslble? Well Germany is doing it why can’t we take the lead too?( Because Germany doesn’t have the oil/gas industry entrenched in their energy policy. If we as a nation could be unshackled from the fossil fuel industry and go forward on renewable and sustainable energies! Think of the jobs for the future it would generate without degradation to our water and air.

  8. Victor Furman on

    The activist against drilling are touting Germanies success with solar but once again are fogging the facts with headlines without researching the whole story….

    German families are being hit by rapidly increasing electricity rates, to the point where growing numbers of them can no longer afford to pay the bill. Businesses are more and more worried that their energy costs will put them at a disadvantage to competitors in nations with lower energy costs, and some energy-intensive industries have begun to shun the country because they fear steeper costs ahead.
    Newly constructed offshore wind farms churn unconnected to an energy grid still in need of expansion. And despite all the costs, carbon emissions actually rose last year as reserve coal-burning plants were fired up to close gaps in energy supplies.

  9. Victor Furman on

    Germany Factories cant compete because of solar energy cost
    The fact that German electricity prices are among the highest in Europe despite relatively low wholesale prices must serve as a warning signal,

    Since approving the energy transition in 2011 — which aims to ensure that an ambitious 80% of the country’s electricity will be supplied by renewable sources by 2050 — Germany has been grappling with severe economic, technological and infrastructure issues in implementing the plan. But now analysts say the upcoming federal elections in September have created an additional stumbling block as German politicians worry over a backlash from voters because of the plan’s skyrocketing price tag.

    Read more:

  10. To Victor, What do you think is going to happen when the LNG ports are put online and the natural gas/oil is exported onto the world market? The prices will sore as well.( Our nation will still be dependent on fossil fuels AND it will be a global price war. To the highest bidder goes the gas/oil. There will be NO help at the pump or for home heating…. Germany also got into trouble because of the percentage of subsidies that went through the roof. It’s not the green power as much as the investments and returns that has hampered Germany. I still say, give the farmers subsidies of acres and acres of solar panels and then let them create bio fuels with switch grass or algae based bio fuels. This is a new technology that only needs more innovation to make it cheaper in the long run. And it will be made in America by Americans for Americans.