Westchester exec race: Bill Clinton to host big dollar fundraiser for Bramson


Former President Bill Clinton will hold a fundraiser for Noam Bramson, the Democratic mayor of New Rochelle, in his race for Westchester County Executive.billclinton

Tickets to the fundraiser at the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook on Oct. 21 cost from $100 to $10,000. Everyone above $2,500 can attend the VIP reception and take a photo with the ex-president.

“I am humbled and honored to stand with President Clinton and to have his vote,” said Bramson in a statement. “As County Executive, I will work to uphold in Westchester the same principles of opportunity, community, and responsibility that shaped the President’s exceptional service to America.”

The fundraiser comes as Bramson is trying to rebuild his war chest for the final stretch of the campaign. In the last campaign finance filing on Oct. 4, the Bramson campaign had $189,000 in the bank compared with nearly $1.7 million for his opponent, Republican County Executive Rob Astorino.


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  1. About the Hutch on

    Running a campaign of never ending lies about Noam Bramson has turned off so many Republicans that this event will be at least 25% registered Republicans. The stench that is Astorino has clouded Westchester for TOO LONG.

    Westchester residents have already made up their minds to vote Democratic and reject the OFFENSIVE lies, the decisiveness, the outright exaggeration, the innuendo, and the political patronage shilling from the Republican that is Astorino.

    Westchester is a Democrat county and will support Noam Bramson as our next County Executive.

  2. Taxpayer and Voter on

    it is kind of sad when the electorate is so naïve as to elect someone just on the say-so of a former president. I would like to see candidates stand on their own and not rely on the coattails of others.

  3. I think Noam Bramson put forward some great ideas for the future of the county during the debate. He was 100% correct, you need to have a solid plan for the future of the county. You need to put people to work to fix the econmy, when you have a job that you can count on having long term, you will get out and spend money. I feel Astorino’s idea of saving taxes by laying people off is not the way. Eventually you run out of people to layoff and have nobody left to blame but yourself while the taxes go up. Noam’s idea of shared services is a fantastic idea, doesn’t the county have their own engineering and construction management staff? So why not have them do the engineering and construction management work for all the projects in the local municipalities, they would be able to charge those municipalities but at a huge savings (reducing local taxes) while reducing the cost of the county employee on the county tax base. This would be a win win. The more people working means less people on social services. Giving the wealth or the big corporations tax breaks doesn’t work. Reagan started it and Bush gave more tax breaks, and since then the corporations maid larger profits and the wealthy got wealther and the middle class became poor The county needs Naom Bramson to turn the county around and get the people back to work. lets try the Trickle Up theory, as we the people make more mone, we then will spend more money which in turn goes into the accounts and pockets of the businesses.

  4. @Taxpayer and Voter — Noam Bramson has NOTHING to stand on! And you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear just by trotting out a former President.

  5. @Taxpayer — Noam Bramson has been on the New Rochelle City Council for 18 years, since 1995, and he has been the mayor for the last 7 years, since 2006. You want vision? Look at New Rochelle! Bramson’s first “vision” in 18 years is a dumbed-down mudflat project, called Echo Bay, and the residents don’t like it and they don’t want it! Moreover, he told them that what they want doesn’t count, that King Bramson doesn’t count heads. Be sure to watch the video: http://www.newrochelletalk.com/content/noam-bramson-overwhelming-opposition-echo-bay-democracy-not-about-counting-heads-or-will-peo

  6. Ragnar Danneskjöld on

    So the anorexic vegan has to enlist the help of the second president to be impeached? The same president who received fellatio from an intern in the Oval Office? The same president who was disbarred? The same president who’s wife is responsible for the slaughter of American citizens in Benghazi? That Bill Clinton?

    Mr. Bramson, you are judged by the people you associate with. This speaks volumes.

  7. Ah an event for the richie rich liberals of Westchester that have no clue what it means to earn a living. How is it they think they represent the middle-class? I don’t think they represent me at all and if they had to work to pay their property taxes maybe they wouldn’t be so high.

    Don’t these people run the county into the ground with their ineptness. Just look at New Rochelle, its finances are a disaster and the tax increases reflect that and Noam’s running the show so why on earth would anyone want that?

    Emily you should check a few facts before you start to write. Its Bramson who’s working with the Westchester County Tea Party and not Astorino.

  8. I’m middle class and I’m a Democrat. Ive worked hard all my life, go to church and Im a Democrat. I’m a patriotic flag-loving American and I’m a Democrat.

    The Republican Right does not “own” Almighty God and Jesus Christ. The Republican Party does not “own” patriotism. The continual anger of the Right does not make them right. It means they are a motivated MINORITY and that’s all they are.

    If we turned the country over lock stock and barrel to the Right, Big Business would do whatever they wanted to expand their wealth at our expense. You complain about your taxes…I complain about every other cost which constantly rises. Insurance. Gas at the pump. De-regulate telephones? More expensive now than ever. De-regulated airlines? More expensive than ever.

    I support Democrats, and they are flawed. Clinton is flawed. But I’ll take Clinton and his flaws over George W Bush and his flaws, which were public flaws not personal ones.

  9. I'll have some coke with my rum on

    Maybe rob can get some help from bush. You know, the guy who dogged active service, the coke head, the person who drove this country, the world, into the great recession, the guy who started a completely unfunded war in iraq based upon a lie resulting in the deaths of 1000s of men and women who served this great country, whose VP’s company, haliburton, fed on the caucuses of these heroes like a vulture for profit, who kept reading to children after being advised that this country including the greatest city in the world was under attack… Bill had some serious faults but I would put him side-by-side with bush, W and his father, any day of the week.

  10. Astorino has record too from Mt Pleasant Town Board and School Board and he voted plenty of tax increases. Oh I forgot we don’t count that cuz he’s a GOPer.

    Only Dems raise taxes right?

  11. Stop it with the right wing money, money, money routine. Bramson is trying to lure the same corporate type with all the money and the right wing ideas to his event to raise money. Bramson is no different then the Tea Party Candidates his talks about, Bramson is for sale and will take money from anyone wishing to contribute, he is for sale and so is his office. Look at his tax and spend record in New Rochelle where he gave everything to developers and made the taxpayers off set their projects. Bramson has a Tea Party mentality but he will not acknowledge it. Bramson believes the public should burden the tax breaks he gave his friends in corporate america in New Rochelle. In the end, the residents of New Rochelle are the ones who have paid for the corporate welfare that Noam has given to his favorite developers. Call any friend that you have in New Rochelle and ask them about their tax increase over the years, it will make you sick. Is this what we want for Westchester County?

  12. Hypocrisy: they name is Westchester Republicans who rip out Bramson signs.
    We hear that the unspoken sotto voce story goes that Mt Pleasant highway crews are told to remove Bramson signs on highways but leave Astorino signs: Get This: Mt Pleasant is Democrat Majority registration.
    Wake Up: Your Republican Mt Pleasant town board has you politically hijacked.

  13. I have been to the Westchester Hospital area the last several weeks and some days I see Bramson signs then the next day their gone, couple of days later Bramson signs are back next day gone. I have seen this in a few areas, Is Astorino that worried that he has his thugs going doing this???

  14. Independent Thinker on

    Rob Astorino is runnig scared, he see’s votes slipping away. I know of some long time Republicians who voted for Astorino who they and their families are not only voting Democrat this time but putting their time working on the Democratic campaign. Regarding the removal of campaign signs, Isn’t it against the law to that? But, that seemsa to be Astorinos’s MO.

  15. It’s true. Mt Pleasant is Democrat Party majority voter registration. More lies from the Repubs about the “so called Repub stronghold” in “Astorino (non)country”
    Next Eastchester Next Harrison

  16. Tell the Truth on

    BRAMSON’S RECORD IS RECORD TAX INCREASES That is a fact. Astorino’s record AS COUNTY EXECUTIVE (which is what this race is about) is that he lowered taxes 2% while increasing services to our most needy residents. Check the FACT that the DSS budget has been INCREASED each year. Bramson’s lies must stop. Wake up Westchester Bramson is Super Storm Sandy off shore. Batten down the hatches and pray it passes by!

  17. Independent Thinker on

    Say it isn’t so, I just heard that the mastur(d)bator of the county has reneged, bailed out on any furthur debates with Bramson. Now tell me that isn’t someone running scared. Someone that when confronted with real questions about what he’s done or shall we say Not Done, doesn’t have answers, and the answers he does have have more holes than a fish net. For all you Liars out there Noam did NOT raise the sewer tax, sales taxor the Library tax. The taxes in his home town of Mt. Pleasant are much higher that New Rcochell’s.

  18. The Rs are worried. They hate govt but those that have political jobs in the County don’t want to downsize THEIR piece of govt. so they will yank signs, and do worse, if it helps.

  19. What a Liberal Won't Admit to on

    If you are from New Rochelle, and you don’t live in the North End, you know better. Bramson is a little twink of a man. He has the North End voting for him, as long as they keep his other base out of their area. His other base is made up of the people to whom he and Jared Rice give goodies. Jared gets the respect he’s always craved from black people, and they both get votes. He’s not a nice guy. He’s angry and has a chip on his shoulder. The fact some people consider Clinton a plus speaks volumes about you and your character. In New Rochelle High School, Bramson wouldn’t look at you unless you were white and Jewish. That’s a fact.

  20. Want to see what Noam’s done? Take a ride through New Rochelle. Yes, the real New Rochelle. Then, take a ride through Wykagyl, yes, the part where Noam lives. If you followed him around (other than a campaign event), you’d see the type of guy he is.

  21. Come watch the workings of New Rochelle. The council and Bramson are quite interesting. Bramson wouldn’t be caught dead with Jared Rice, and vice versa. However, they both get something out of their political relationship. Bramson gets to look like he cares about minorities. Rice knows this, but doesn’t care, he’s getting power. He knows he’ll probably move into the Mayor’s spot if Bramson is elected. Neither cares about each other. Neither would live in Heritage Homes, but they get power and political favors by placing people there. Just google Kwamain Dixon. He’s a resident there, now he suddenly thinks Echo Bay is a great idea. A convicted felon, what a great role model.

  22. Bramson can cut County taxes by up to 20% by simply reviewing the list of Westchester County employee hired in the past 3 years and then firing all of the political cronies, friends and family that Astorino has installed in the past 3 years in place of the 500 County Employees who retired 3 years ago with the help of NYS incentives during the fiscal crisis to reduce the burden on taxpayers. Instead of passing the savings along to taxpayers, Astorino hired back cronies, friends and family just enough to have a minimal tax increase and now he is telling taxpayers that he’s doing a great job because he hasn’t raised taxes by much. Westchester taxpayers are not stupid but they need to pay attention!
    This man, Astorino, comes from a family which has had prior felony convictions and also questionable associations related to activity in the public sector. Check it out. WAKE UP WESTCHESTER!!

  23. Reality, Bramson doesn’t know how to cut taxes or he would have in New Rochelle. In fact he’s not cut 1 expense, but that’s a story for another time. I have to give Bramson credit though for 1 thing, he’s very very good a raising taxes.

    Q: How many Spano cronies were in government when we through him out the door?

    A: About 3-4 times as many as Astorino has.

  24. Wow, Rob Astorino has really done a great job compared to Mr. Spano, his predecessor. Not only are taxes down for a change but increased efficiencies are evident all across the county.

    Sounds like Mr. Clinton’s support is a Democratic party thing and not about Westchester governance and development.

  25. BfisNoamsPluralvote on

    No Bramson has run New Rochelle into the ground with no end in sight. He left New Rochelle and went to Harvard where he proceeded to tell the Students they needed condom machines in their dorms, then he goes after the return of ROTC. He did this as a member of Student Council. In New Rochelle he has run the entire City like it is his just so he can try to rise up the Political ladder. Might have been better to actually have served the New Rochelle Citizens, he chose to serve Noam Bramson. He played every game with every crooked developer just to increase his campaign war chest. New Rochelle owes all it is to Noam Bramson. He is the leader of the 99cent economy never had a real job and he believes he knows all.

  26. To Ray of truth

    The difference is that Astorino replaced civil service people with political cronies erasing all of the savings that were intended by state incentive. In the past cronies were separate from the civil service for the most part. Never before had so many civil service positions been replaced by political cronies(500), also because never before had so many employees retried at once.

    Check out the list yourself! Also notice that both Astorino’s appointed Budget and Deputy Budget Directors were cronies who had no municipal budget experience. There’s no magic here. Astorino just stole the savings from the employees who retired 3 years ago and says “see I didn’t raise taxes by much”. WHAT A FRAUD! WAKE UP!

  27. Reality check? Point everyone here to the source of your information about his cronies. Why are you worried about municipal budget experience? We have a president with no experience whatsoever. Be that didn’t bother you. You’ve got some chip on your shoulder. Bramson has done one thing right for his main base of voters. He kept minorities out or north end new rochelle, and that’s what they care about.

  28. Review the last 3 years of hires yourself. You will find all kinds of cronies. It’s been written up in the Guardian too. There is good reason to have schools of public administration such as Harvard, NYU and Pace to provide expertise for governments just like we have medical schools for doctors. Even if the elected official didn’t go there they should be prudent enough to hire expertise especially in a fiscal crisis and for a County that is the highest taxed municipality in the nation!

  29. Reality, nobody cares who actually works for the county government, why don’t you get that? But my personal opinion is there are still too many.

    Its the bottom line on taxes that count and taxes in Westchester County are down while New Rochelle taxes are up, way up. Astorino runs the county and Brasmon runs New Rochelle. See the correlation? Its pretty direct and very simple.

    You’re Noam’s guy/gal, you tell me a few good things he’s done for New Rochelle ok? I can’t think of 1. Oh wait, he did get a 100 foot section of Pinebrook Blvd paved this summer. I guess I should be thankful.

  30. Noam is Clueless on

    Noam has mismanaged New Rochelle. We are broke, we can’t hire the proper amount of Police or Firemen, we’ve given everything away to developers and got nothing in return except broken promises and higher taxes BUT NOAM got some great contributions from them. The County will suffer if Noam and his ilk are allowed to run things.

  31. Again-The only reason County taxes haven’t increased by much is that Astorino used the savings from the retirement of over 500 County employees 3 years ago with the help of the NYS incentive. That could have resulted in a substantial reduction in taxes of up to 20% but Astorino hired back many family, friends and political cronies. He re-created about 400 jobs for cronies mostly of who had no municipal expertise including his Budget and Deputy Budget Director. Thanks taxpayers for helping all of the uncredentialed clubhouse cronies during the fiscal crisis!

  32. I am voting for Bramson. I can not bring myself to vote for another Republican after all of the recent government/political shenanigans… and yes, it starts with local politics. I am also pro choice, for marriage equality, and for better gun laws.