Astorino endorsed for reelection by Westchester PBA


The union for 265 Westchester County police officers, sergeants, detectives and captains has endorsed Republican County Executive Rob Astorino for reelection.

Despite some disagreements with the administration, PBA President Michael Hagan said the union’s executive committee picked Astorino over his opponent, Democratic New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, because he has been willing to work through issues with them while Bramson has cut police staffing in New Rochelle.

“It’s pretty much an obvious choice when you look at New Rochelle and the way that administration has dealt with that police department,” Hagan said.

Astorino said law enforcement is a priority for him as county executive.

“They do a tremendous job and their endorsement means a lot to me personally,” he said.

In 2012, Hagan said cuts to the county police threatened to endanger public safety. In June the county and the union reached agreement on a six year contract, retroactive to 2009, with raises between 2.5 and 3 percent that Hagan said was fair to his members and the public.


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  1. It's a stickup! on

    Pretty funny. Now rob has someone to play cops and robbers with. How many millions in taxpayer dollars are you paying your unqualified cronies solely to get you re-elected robby?

  2. No surprise. County cops were one of the few departments not subjected to budget cuts and the department just got full retro pay on their expired contract. That’s well over 50k for most.

  3. It’s enough to make everyone sick!! These cops make more in retirement than they did when they were on the job and after only 20 years or so. No one else would have ever paid them this kind of money for the low level of skills that they brought to the job. Astorino has allowed a continuance because his own father was a bad cop convicted as a felon in a Federal sting operation. Astorino is also connected to organized crime through his step brother. SHAME ON THE CORRUPT POLICE ASSOCIATION FOR ENDORSING THIS CANDIDATE!!!!
    WHERE ARE THE FEDS??? Bust them all!!

  4. Of coarse they endorsed him, he gace them and the Correction officers a sweethaert union contract with raises the next 4-5 years and didn’t cut them back the overtime they get and didn’t do anything about their pensions being based on the huge amount of overtime,which many of them get the same or more money than their paychecks. Yes they pay into their health but the overtime thet get pays thfor that, which inturn the taxpayers are paying.

  5. Incredible that the Bramson puppets come on the blog and attack the PBA for endorsing Rob Astorino. This is the same Bramson who himself probably interviewed for the endorsement and was not selected by the PBA. Had the PBA endorsed Bramson then some would have said how smart the PBA is. I say the PBA made a wise choice based on working with the Astorino administration and understanding that relationships and respect are built on give and take and it appears that both sides in this relationship respect each other. I don’t get it; it seems many of you hate police, corrections, teachers, nurses, etc…
    These are hardworking people who work at saving the lives or educating our families and some turn around and attack them like they should be ashamed of the profession they choice. I respect police, correction, nurses, teachers and all blue collar workers who provide services that we need to live our daily lives.

  6. Kim, but they don’t or can’t tell any of us something positive Bramson’s done for New Rochelle.

    I live in NR & know not much positive is going on.

    The Bramsonites have to make up issues that aren’t all that important to the job at hand. Pretty amusing if it weren’t the sad truth.

  7. After three years of bellyaching about Astorino, the PBA gets handed a sweet contract deal and then obligingly makes their endoresement. Well, well. You don’t need to be a “Bramsonite” to catch the fishy odor on this deal.

  8. Bramson did the same thing in NR by agreeing to a 10 year contract with the PBA . The difference is the the NR police and fireman still cannot stand Bramson because he is a phony who wants to tax his way through government. Bramson is dangerous for Westchester County. Good job by the Westchester County PBA for standing up for the best qualified candidate.

  9. Kim, you’re the puppet here with Astorino’s hand planted firmly up your _ _ _ doing his little magic act. I on the other hand am not a on the Bramson team. I am just speaking formther facts. Go back look at the union contract that they all agerred to.

  10. Astorino does not his hand on my —, that is saved for my husband, however I do support Astorino and I believe he is the best person to serve as CE. It is simply for me, taxes, taxes and taxes. Astorino has not raised them as promised and Bramson raises, raises and raises.

  11. Kim seems to be a nasty drone for Astorino since she is probably on the Astorino political patronage gravy line with a sweet do-nothing Westchester County payroll job and a NYS Pension. Kim is irrelevant as are most Republicans who are born liars and arrogant self serving porkers.

  12. County cops just got their retro pay and then Hagan monkey-suited out to stand with Astorino. Shameful. We lost respect for them today. Shame Hagan appeared at public hearings slamming the lack of manpower in the County PD and now licks up the lies served up by Astorino after getting paid off in retro pay.

  13. Lazy cops transfer to the Westchester County PD to “work” 20 years just giving out tickets (sometimes) and mostly sitting around at County buildings and parks sitting around IN CASE something happens and talking to women who love uniforms. If it wasnt for their crime evidence team they would be almost irrelevant.
    Anyone recall the nightmare when they stupidly over reacted and shot a Mt Vernon cop at Grand St in White Plains.

  14. Now it is attack the cops for making a decision to choice a candidate of their liking. Shame on you bloggers who attack the PBA and it’s leadership. These police do an excellent job protecting the residents of Westchester County while keeping our roads safe. Remember your stupid comments the next time you dial 911 in an an emergency.


    How many layers of overlapping police services does the County need in addition to the New York State Police?
    County police retire with incredible 6 FIGURE PENSIONS that most other working taxpayers never get themselves although they have to pay these guys.
    Here they are endorsing a guy whose father was a crooked cop who was caught red handed with his hand in the cooky jar by the Feds. Some think that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.
    These cops are enjoying a great life in “FAT CITY WESTCHESTER” and they want to preserve their good fortune. SHAME ON THEM!!

  16. feeding trough on

    It’s crowded at the feeding trough in Westchester but this group is right at the front and always manages to intimidate elected officials into giving them the ranch. It’s time for the party to be over and give the taxpayers a break.