Astorino and Bramson win “dual endorsement” from NY League of Conservation Voters


And the winner is…both! The New York League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Republican Rob Astorino, the incumbent, and Democrat Noam Bramson, the challenger, in the race for Westchester County Executive.

There are only two candidates in this contest, so the group’s “dual endorsement” is a literal example of the proverbial “win/win.”

Marcia Bystryn, the group’s president, said in a statement, “Westchester County voters are in the envious position of having two pro-environment candidates running for county executive.”

Bystryn went on to say the two opponents “have demonstrated impressive leadership and vision on environmental issues, and both have made sustainability a high priority for their respective administrations, despite ongoing budgetary pressures. Our dual endorsement reflects the simple truth that both candidates are fine choices for Westchester’s environment.”

The League of Conservation Voters credited Astorino for playing a “pivotal role in the effort to include a mass transit component in the design of the Tappan Zee Bridge,” among other achievements. Bramson, the mayor of New Rochelle, meanwhile, “spearheaded the successful effort to draft the city’s first comprehensive sustainability plan.”

Astorino and Bramson discussed their positions on the environment and sustainability at an issues forum the League held last month at Pace University. During the forum, Bramson called for the gradual closing of the Indian Point nuclear power plant; Astorino said it should be re-licensed and remain open. Bramson said he would support a county-wide ban on plastic shopping bags; Astorino said he would leave that up to local municipalities.

The candidates also met with representatives from the organization and filled out detailed questionnaires asking them to lay out their positions on topics like improving air and water quality, easing access to healthy food and making the county’s buildings and vehicles more energy efficient.

If you’re interested, you can read those questionnaires (with the candidates’ answers) here:

Rob Astorino questionnaire

Noam Bramson questionnaire


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  1. Wow. Shocking. A share of the endorsement is a grand slam for Astorino. Rarely do these enviros endorse Republicans even when they deserve it. Sounds like they couldn’t ignore Astorino’s solid record. Interesting.

  2. Is this some kind of joke? What has Astorino done for the environment besides some trash pick up photo ops? The truth is he has done nothing but undermine County programs that concern the environment.

    The choice is clear: if you are more interested in voting for a lying narcissistic political nihilist who is using this race to further his own career (and possibly make the jump to the lucrative talking-head world of fox news) then Rob Astorino is your man. If the environment is your concern, the only credible choice is Bramson

  3. There seems to be some sort of pay off or promise of a County payroll job (with a freebie fleet car and fleet gas) to someone who swayed a vote by this umbrella group towards two BIG SUV using Astorino.