Child care supporters rally for funding in Mount Vernon


Representatives of the Child Care Council of Westchester, clergy, union members, elected officials, parents and others rallied in support of child care funding Thursday evening in Mount Vernon.

Many held signs saying “Keep parents earning, children learning.”

“When it comes to decisions about how public dollars are going to be spent, children’s needs are often not even in the conversation, especially our youngest children” said Kathy Halas, the executive director of the Child Care Council. “And we can’t keep making that mistake.”

Child care funding has become a major issue in this year’s race for county executive between Republican incumbent County Executive Rob Astorino and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, the Democratic candidate, with Bramson saying Astorino’s cuts to low income child care subsidies hurt families and damage the economy.

Astorino says the increase in the parent share from 20 percent to 27 percent of income above the poverty line was necessary to make the program solvent and balance the needs of the program’s users with those of taxpayers generally.


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