Westchester exec race: TV ads keep on coming


Both Republican Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and his Democratic challenger, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, are continuing to spend big bucks on TV ads to get their message out to the public.

Here are the two latest:

Click here for Astorino’s ad, released Wednesday.

Click here for Bramson’s ad, released Thursday.



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  1. Concerned Voters on

    We attended the Oct 16 debate between Noam Bramson and Rob Astorino. Unfortunately, Rob was angry, sullen, defensive, and quick to repeat lies in the face of truth and being called out for the lies he is spreading on his $8 million TV campaign.
    On Oct 16 Astorino was not able to have a logical real debate. Astorino was there only to slam, repeat lies, and then to continue to repeat the same lies even after Bramson rightly pointed out that the independent League of Women Voters Fair Campaign Committee has publicly stated Astorino’s commercials and claims are indeed full of lies about Bramson.

    Westchester needs an honest leader and Noam Bramson is the one for people who are intelligent and understand the tactics of lies that happen in Westchester (and Washington) by right wing Republicans such as Astorino.

    Intelligent voters who read the news realize Astorino is a mistake we need to move past on November 5.

  2. Its Bramson who lies.

    Next I’m going to see a commercial about how he’s lowered New Rochelle taxes.

    Facts are facts and New Rochelle’s being run into the ground & Noam’s been at the helm steering the ship.

  3. Noam Bramson can not relate to the average Westchester resident, he speaks down to people and he speaks down to the audience. Bramson thinks his Harvard degree makes him and his wealthy friends bigger, better and smarter then the rest of us poor soles. Rob Astorino speaks from the heart with passion and you can tell he cares about the people of Westchester County.

  4. Shell game in Tijuana (Westchester) on

    The current county administration including the Board of Legislators benefited from a state subsidized retirement incentive 3 years ago in which over 500 county civil service employees retired. This could have reduced county taxes by about 20% however new jobs were created for about 450 new mostly political cronies. Even more civil service employees were laid off later on and mental health clinics were closed. Now the claim to have kept tax increases at minimum? What about the 20% tax reduction that could have been realized in the first place from the 500 workers who retired? Sounds like a shell game in Tijuana doesn’t it? Try asking your own local legislator about this and see what kind of an answer you get?

    Tax savings could be achieved by identifying the 450 or so political cronies who have been hired in the past 3 years and eliminating their positions.

  5. I am voting for Bramson. I can not bring myself to vote for another Republican after all of the recent government/political shenanigans… and yes, it starts with local politics. I am also pro choice, for marriage equality, and for better gun laws.