Westchester legislative candidate asks for Maryknoll Sisters be moved out of his district


The Maryknoll Sisters have been voting in Ossining for something like 100 years.

But Ossining Councilman Peter Tripodi, a candidate for the Westchester Board of Legislators, would like to see the sisters at 10 Pinesbridge Road become New Castle voters. Tripodi has made a complaint to the Westchester Board of Elections saying that the sisters have been voting in the wrong county legislative district.

The sisters’ property is half in Ossining and half in New Castle. But Susan Palmer, the Sisters’ communications manager, said there was a court decision in the 1970s that confirmed that the sisters, who have their own polling place, should vote in Ossining elections.

“We’ve belonged in Ossining for over 100 years,” Palmer said. “We love the town. We’re, you know, very involved with the town and we just want to participate and vote.”

Tripodi said the change is needed to ensure a fair election in District 9 of the Board of Legislators, where he is challenging Democratic incumbent Catherine Borgia on Nov. 5.

“We are simply asking that these voters be able to cast their ballots in the town and election district Westchester County says they belong in,” Tripodi said in a statement. He said Republicans would have won past races in Ossining had the Sisters voted in New Castle.

Borgia said Tripodi is attempting to disenfranchise the Maryknoll Sisters. In his run for town supervisor two years ago, Tripodi received eight of the 122 votes cast at the Maryknoll Sisters’ polling place, she said, and lost the election.

“For Mr. Tripodi to attempt to gain a political advantage at the expense of the Sisters is disgraceful,” Borgia said.


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  1. Concerned Voters on

    Tripodi is another Republican trying to change the rules or subvert the law or both to suit his own selfish interest. We have WAY TOO MUCH of that arrogance from Astorino: Tripodi. get in line behind LIAR ROB. Republicans are not in favor right now.
    75% of Americans believe at this point that Republicans DO NOT Deserve to be re-elected to office after their extremist views, their support of those who Shut Down the Federal govt, and their continued use of lies and gerrymandering to get their way.

  2. I would like to add that Maryknoll Sisters are totally non-partisan, that we study the issues and the candidates carefully, and vote for those candidates who we each determine individually are most in keeping with those values and issues. We are grateful to the town of Ossining, which has always been so welcoming to us, and welcome every opportunity we have to contribute to the community, whether that is through acts of service, participation in town events such as the annual Ossining Fair, and fulfilling our roles as loyal citizens of the community in which we have found a home.

  3. OMG! A conservative Republican who doesn’t want some Catholic voters in his district! Unbelievable.

    Tripodi is a total jerk.

  4. I live in my mommy's house on

    Hey tripod, why not get a life and move out of your mommy’s house before you attack a bunch of nuns. You have just brought the tea party to a whole new low.