Cuomo to campaign Saturday with Hudson Valley candidates for county executive


Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected tomorrow to hold a rally with the Democratic candidates for county executive in Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties.

Noam Bramson, the Democratic candidate in Westchester, sent out an email to supporters this morning touting a victory rally tomorrow “with a very special guest.” The event will be held in Westchester.

Bramson eventDemocratic candidate for Rockland County Executive David Fried and Roxanne Donnery, the Democratic candidate in Orange County, are also expected to get the Democratic governor’s backing at the event, which is a little over a week before the Nov. 5 election.

Cuomo typically endorses a slate of Democratic candidates for state or local offices each year.

In Westchester, though, Cuomo’s endorsement has added intrigue. Capital Tonight first reported this morning on Cuomo’s nod of Bramson, the New Rochelle mayor.

Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino is seeking a second term, and the Republican executive is considered a potential gubernatorial candidate in 2014, when Cuomo will seek re-election.

The Hudson Valley has increasingly become a battleground for statewide candidates, and Cuomo lives in New Castle, Westchester County.


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  1. That’s funny because I don’t beleive Bramson supports any of Andrew Cuomo’s accomplishements; like the tax cap, pension reform, and certainlty not the tax cuts the governor is now proposing.

    Want the real scope on Noam’s handling of New Rochelle’s finanaces? Watch this video on youtube:

  2. Let’s call it what it is, “These are luke warm endorsements” these democrats must go through the motions to save face with the party bosses. I talk with democrats often and they all respond the same way when you ask them about Noam Bramson. When I tell them I am voting for Rob Astorino they say, “I understand”. When I ask them about Noam they kind of roll their eyes or give an indication that they don’t care. Many of the democrats feel Noam is not really with the party that he is out there by himself with his Harvard friends, the feeling I get from most democrats is that Noam is a flat candidate and they believe he will lose because he cannot generate the energy with the democrats. So yes the democrats will come out and stand next to him and go through the motions, but they are only doing what is expected, what is in their hearts is something different.

  3. We Got you now Andy you won’t be able to get away from our costumes and signs now. We will never let up until you make a decision we will be there with our “Dont Frack NY signs in hopes to keep upstate NY (which you could give a damn about) on welfare and without jobs so that the poor cant afford the American Dream… We’re behind you Andy… take the land by taxing and use denial and give it to the NRDC. tURN ny AGAINST ITSELF…

  4. Then why did Bramson push New Rochelle’s taxes over the tax cap?

    And Bramson seemed to dodge the tax cap in year 1 with his 238% garbage fee increase.

    Can’t wait for the bills to come in for the disasterous Echo Bay project. Bramson’ll probably figure out somehow to exempt those expenses from the tax cap.

    And Dan, where’s New Rochelle’s 2014 budget or is Bramson planning to release that on 11/6, the day after the election?

    Sorry to call you out on these, but its like shooting fish in a barrel, just way too easy.

  5. Westchester is SICK and DISGUSTED with the spew of non-stop lies from Astorino and his drones.

    Smart and thinking voters in Westchester are waiting for Nov 5 to vote for Noam Bramson and end this sleazy period in Westchester history.

    Those campaign ads are horrible and remind us of the dirt and horror spewed by other Republicans in both NJ and CT during election battles in the past. It did not work then and will send Astorino down to a sleazy gig onto Fox News as a talking goon. It seems to many that he wanted that arrogant TV seat for years and this is his way of getting it since he does not care a whit about people, public service, society, or Westchester. He is in it for the big bucks for himself. He has been campaigning for years.

  6. I love Westchester County and I am very happy with the leadership at the County Executive position. If Noam Bramson believes he has and is doing such a great job in New Rochelle he should just stay there. Westchester County does NOT need Noam Bramson. I hear the residents in New Rochelle may vote for Mayor Noam in hopes of getting rid of him.

  7. Flack Liars, I know you are a political hack but how do you call Astorino’s ads “horrible” and compare them to “dirt” and “horror with a straight face?” Astorino has only criticized Bramson for raising taxes and giving himself a pay raise, both which are true. Bramson is the one with the dirt and horror or do you actually believe that he is responsible for the deaths of those children in the Bramson ad?

  8. While I no longer live in-state, I would like to give Roxanne Donnery a respectful endorsement. She is a local hero I have been honored to know for many years. Growing up in a family rooted in public service in Woodbury, NY I learned very quickly of the backdoor deals, power plays and old-boys-networks that have long dominated so many small towns. I witnessed the beating people of integrity take while trying to stick up for fairness and honor the ideals they ran on. Roxanne was one of those rare political leaders always reaching out a hand to grassroots citizens and local leaders, even those outside her voting district, who were trying to look out for the common person and the common good. She is a tireless, fearless leader willing to work hard, inspire hope and seek common ground. She has always looked out for our WHOLE County, never caved to special voting blocs or interests, and has both my prayers and sincere thanks.

    Kieran Conroy, MDiv
    Eagle Scout, Troop 206 Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Ever a son of Woodbury