Westchester exec race: Astorino, Bramson raking in money as campaign hits home stretch


In the last campaign finance filing before election day on Nov. 5, the candidates for Westchester County executive are reporting several hundred thousand dollars raised on each side.

But incumbent Republican County Executive Rob Astorino has raised about twice as much as his challenger, Democratic New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson. Bramson raised most of his money at an event Monday featuring former President Bill Clinton, said his campaign spokesman, Barry Caro.

Astorino raised more than $600,000 since early October and spent nearly $925,000, according to his report, which is available at www.elections.ny.gov. The Astorino campaign has more than $1.3 million on hand.

A lot of his money has gone to television spots. Click here for one of his latest.

Bramson’s campaign has not filed its report yet but Caro said he has raised just over $300,000, spent about $340,000 and has about $150,000 on hand.

Click here to see Clinton speak at Bramson’s fundraiser.


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  1. Westchester is SICK and DISGUSTED with the spew of non-stop lies from Astorino. Astorino had over $10 million to spend on cable and radio and NYC stations to keep repeating the lies against Noam Bramson.
    Smart and thinking voters in Westchester are waiting for Nov 5 to vote for Noam Bramson and end this sleazy period in Westchester history.

    Those campaign ads are horrible and remind us of the dirt and horror spewed by other Republicans in both NJ and CT during election battles in the past. It did not work then and will send Astorino down to a sleazy gig onto Fox News as a talking goon. It seems to many that he wanted that arrogant TV seat for years and this is his way of getting it since he does not care a whit about people, public service, society, or Westchester. He is in it for the big bucks for himself. He has been campaigning for years.

  2. Bramson facts:

    109% Property Tax Hike.

    40% pay raise first year in office — to $89,000 for part-time job.

    Depleted New Rochelle reserves; Moody’s downgraded New Rochelle for it.

    Took life-long healthcare after just five years as part timer.

    Took free car.

    Created new taxes and fees to circumvent tax cap.

    What about these isn’t true?

    And oh, thanks for the freebie response.

  3. Yep
    those are the lies above. liar with Astorino

    Some Facts re Astorino
    Astorino has 2 Westchester fleet cars and a driver to bring him for over 2 years to campaign on workday time clock and be wherever 3 people are shooting the breeze: he will be there (with a framed proclamation)

    Took a $160,000 salary first year in office, (and the 2nd and third and 4th) = $640,000 pay for Astorino

    Vetoed a 2.2 % tax cut passed by the Board of Legislators: BOL had to override his veto to put it through

    Lied about the true budget picture each year: Westchester ends with Surplus each year but Astorino kept the lies about deficits

    Broke the law and had judges slap him with decisions forcing him to follow the County Charter laws of Westchester

    Changed the “departmental request” column in the budget proposal he submitted to the Board of Legislators: presented a fraudulent document

    Continues to insult the intelligence of Westchester voters by using the HUD issue as his divide and conquer tactic to stay in the public eye

    Used some of the surplus funds in 2013 to hand out “grants” to buy endorsements from luxury car driving questionable ministers in cities with overwhelming voter disagreement with Astorino’s actions

    Cut bus runs to Manhattan primarily utilized by seniors on the Central Ave route.

    Reinstated gun shows after contributions from the promoters of the gun shows at the County Center; suspended them only after the tragedy in the Connecticut kindergarten to appear as a compassionate leader.

    Canceled 8 scheduled debates and forums since his steady repetition of lies and word plays (as in the above comment) has even the business community and Republicans gasping in disgust. After the West Business Council debate some of those members were saying they cannot support Astorino with his steady stream of lies.

  4. Flack, you get paid to comment nonsense or are you just delusional? I hope you are at least on the Bramson payroll to spew this garbage. If not, you’re pathetic man.

  5. If Noam Bramson becomes county executive he would ruin Westchester county.

    He is Andy Spano on steroids.

    Bramson is one of the biggest liars I ever meet. He says he cut taxes in New Rochelle but it increased.

    Stop lying Noam and your zombie supporters!!!

  6. I Lived in new rochelle and it is a dump. Probably 75% vacant office space. Crime through the roof. Bramson did nothing he just hopes being a dem will carry him so he can use westchester, like he has new ro to pursue his own agenda. He hopes to be a lifelong pol living off the taxpayers dime so he can rub noses w schumer and clinton.

  7. what about public ethics? on

    Here in Westchester voters are being sold a bill of goods by the current administration. Three years ago, during the immediate fiscal crisis, over 500 County Employees retired with the help of state incentives to help lower the burden of taxes on everyone. Rather than pass the up to 20% tax savings to taxpayers, CE Astorino rehired friends, family and cronies to refill most of the positions and maintained minimal tax savings (rather than a 20% reduction. He now tells people that he’s doing a good job because he didn’t raise taxes very much. He also responded to the fiscal crisis by hiring cronies into critical positions-a County Budget Director with only one year of unrelated municipal experience and a Deputy Budget Director with absolutely no municipal experience.

    Wouldn’t we think that the taxpayers of Westchester are entitled to the best professional expertise and innovation that they can get during a fiscal crisis for the high level of taxes that we pay? Clearly this unethical character doesn’t care and he chose to use the County as his own personal enterprise to hire friends and family rather than pass along savings from the NYS retirement incentive program.