Astorino picks up endorsements, releases Spanish TV ad


And in case you’re wondering what County Executive Rob Astorino has been up to in his reelection race against Democratic New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, here’s a roundup.astorinobuilding

On Monday, Astorino was endorsed by the Westchester and Putnam Building and Construction Trades Council, which represents asbestos workers and insulators; boilermakers; bricklayers; carpenters; electrical workers; elevator constructors; iron workers; laborers; operating engineers; plasterers and cement masons; painters; roofers; sheet metal workers; teamsters, and plumbers and steamfitters.

“County Executive Astorino was instrumental in moving the new Tappan Zee Bridge project forward, including its mass transit element,” said Westchester and Putnam Building and Construction Trades Council President Ed Doyle, Sr. “This project alone will create hundreds of new jobs, spark growth in the Westchester economy, and provide a safe and environmentally responsible new span for Westchester families for decades to come.”

On Friday he was endorsed by the Korean American Association of Westchester County.

“We have carefully considered the two candidates running for County Executive, and the choice is clear,” said the association’s president, John Park. “Over the past 4 years, Rob Astorino has managed the County Government with the vision, integrity and balanced judgment, vision of a true leader, a leader who keeps his promises and sticks to his convictions.”

And he released two commercials: The Westchester Dream” and a Spanish language commercial “Estamos on Astorino!”



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  1. These are significant endorsements, being endorsed by community groups, unions, associations, etc.. are endorsements of the people of the county.

  2. @Kim — Spot on! Noam Bramson gets endorsed by his fellow Democrat cronies, the political party hacks!

  3. BS. The TZ Bridge was moving forward if Astorino was big mouthed or not. Desperate Astorino is claiming everything but none of it is true.
    NYS Thruway was building the TZ Bridge anyway since Cuomo wants it as his bragging right. Astorino is a lucky bystander. Every Westchester citizen wants mass transit on the new TZ and Cuomo also played that one point as the announcer of that feature.

    For the Teamsters in Westchester COunty govt, led by a long time Republican political operative from Yonkers, who took the NYS retirement incentive in 2010 and no longer works for Westchester, to endorse Astorino was anticipated many months ago. Nothing to see here. Just shows that the Teamsters, for all their value to many many workers, does not have democratic elections and does not have any representative process for endorsements other than payoff and political payback by politicians. Sad really.

  4. County execs in Westchester don’t just get up in the morning and have their Cheerios and salute the flag. This is another example of how corruption pervades Westchester and it is entrenched. Why should these unions even endorse a candidate for County Exec? Because they get all kinds of work from the County contracts at taxpayer expense including kickbacks to elected officials so they endorse the one whom they think will play along. The taxpayers are being raped by our elected officials who have the attitude that if you can afford to live in Westchester you can just pay taxes and the heck with you! Even if you can’t afford to live here we have affordable housing and guess who builds the affordable housing? As corrupt and dirty as it is here, Federal Prosecutors have never cracked down on Westchester County or Yonkers. It’s about time they did!

  5. Word has it that the plan is to lay off another 215 county employees after the election in addition to all of the employees at Playland after the contract with the new company is signed.

  6. Word has it that if Noam is elected that he will consolidate Westchester with NYC and eliminate 1500 jobs. Stop being silly with your scare tactics, I know it is close to Halloween, but save your treats for then.

  7. Kim
    Ask the current administration yourself and see if they would like to answer during a polygraph exam. It is the plan-to lay off 215 employees in addition to the Playland employees so that more political people can be hired just the way they were in the past 3 yrs to replace the 500 county civil service employees who retired 3 yrs ago. Residents could already have realized a 20% tax cut if the current administration hadn’t hired all of these political people many with no experience. The real county civil service employees know what monkey business is going on and hopefully the CSEA and the unions will get the vote out.

  8. Vote Astorino out Nov 5 and end the commercials full of lies and yelling once and for all. And send the 100 political patronage hacks that take up space and produce NOTHING off the Westchester County govt payroll.

  9. Stop the Corruptions! on

    Bramson along with his cleverly appointed city cronies have ruined New Rochelle. Property taxes are at their highest; along with an unnecessary garbage tax ONLY added due to Bramson’s mismanagement of city funds and self serving actions. However, my WESTCHESTER COUNTY taxes have been reduced; and that is because of ROB ASTORINO!!!!! There is no other way to go for Westchester County.