Westchester exec race: Bramson campaign releases more of internal poll


Following up on the release of parts of an internal poll earlier this week, Noam Bramson’s campaign for Westchester county executive released more of the poll in an effort to show that the head-to-head results were not influenced by questions intended to favor Bramson.

The poll found that incumbent County Executive Rob Astorino would get 47 percent of the vote if the election were held the day the poll was taken and Bramson would get 43 percent, within the margin of error. The questions asked before ‘who would you vote for’ were favorable/unfavorable questions about Bramson, Astorino, the Tea Party, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the Republican Party, in random order, according to Barry Caro, a spokesman for the Bramson campaign.

With 54 to 28 percent favorability ratings, the poll shows Astorino has secured his base, but most of the remaining undecideds are Democrats, Caro said.

“Rob’s personal approval ratings are fine, but he is increasingly being seen as a nice guy who is fundamentally out of step with Westchester values,” Caro said.

Bramson campaign poll


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  1. a couple of observations about the poll…bramson’s
    unfavorables are higher than astorino’s..the sample
    contains 49 dems to 31 reps and that is not representative of westchester demographics..dems
    have a 2-1 registration edge so even accounting for
    a bigger proportionate republican turnout the ratio should have been closer to 55-31 in the sample
    next it is impossible to measure the effect of the additional lines that bramson has IND and working families because these lines produce votes that polling
    cannot account for and finally the poll was probably
    in the field before ted cruz threatened to have the US
    default which tanked the republican party approval
    rating…so although the election will be close the
    democrat appears to have the edge since the data indicates that 53% of the sample is either liberal
    moderate or leans liberal…and non party registered
    voters in westchester now tend to lean left. In addition
    almost 50% of the sample believe astorino is a social
    conservative and bramson has been harping on that theme
    for the last 4 mailers to nons which means his polling indicates that astorino is vulnerable and that moderate
    nons might be pursuaded not to support him based on
    social issues….

  2. You can not overcome non-favorable’s this late in the race, Noam is not liked and it is clearly indicated in this poll.