Westchester settles contracts with two unions, CSEA last outstanding


Westchester County has reached tentative contracts with the District Attorney’s Investigators Police Benevolent Association and the Superior Officer’s Unit of the Department of Public Safety Police Benevolent Association.

That brings to seven the number of unions that have agreed to new contracts over the last year and a half that include health premium contributions. County Executive Rob Astorino, who is running for reelection, has insisted the new contracts include the contributions. The unions have ratified the contracts and they now must be approved by the Board of Legislators.

The Civil Service Employees Association is now the only union with an expired contract.

“These agreements are in the best interests of our taxpayers and of the union members,” said Astorino in a statement. “I thank Eddie O’Rourke, the president of the DA Investigators union, and Mike Hagan, the representative of the police union, for their hard work to reach these agreements.”

The police union recently endorsed Astorino for reelection.

Here are the terms of the contracts, according to a county press release:

DA INVESTIGATORS (about 30 members)

• The contract with the DA investigators is for seven years, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009. It provides a salary increase of 3 percent in 2009; 2.75 percent in 2010; and 2.5 percent in each of the remaining five years.

• Effective Jan. 1, 2014, all employees will contribute 12.5 percent towards the costs of their health insurance costs. This amount will go up to 13 percent the following year. Employees hired after August 31, 2013 will continue to contribute toward health care costs upon their retirement.

• The proposal includes changes in longevity, clothing allowance and shift differentials.

PBA SUPERIOR OFFICERS (about 25 members)

• The contract with the Superior Officer’s Unit is for six years, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2009. The salary increases are the same as the increases previously approved for the rank and file members of the Police Benevolent Association: 3 percent for 2009; 2.75 percent for 2010; and 2.5 percent for each year 2011 to 2014.

• All members will contribute to their health care at rates consistent to what was previously negotiated with the rank and file PBA members. For 2013 this amounts to $1,109 for an individual and $3,081 for a family plan.

• Upon retirement, there will continue to be a contribution for health care for new hires.

• The proposal includes changes in longevity, clothing allowance and shift differentials


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  1. What you don’t see here is how much these people get in overtime. They make more than 95% of taxpayers when benefits and fat city retirement benefits are counted. The current administration is running scared right before the election so they bought these people off. The only reason the current administration can afford it is because they are living off the state incentive retirement program 3 yrs ago during the fiscal crisis that allowed 550 county employees to retire. They are using the funds from that situation to tell taxpayers that they have made only minimal tax increases when in fact if they had passed along the savings then, County taxes could have been reduced by 20%!

  2. They didn’t settle with the biggest union -the CSEA. The plan is to layoff over 200 CSEA members including the entire staff at Playland.

  3. Astorino is desperate and continuing to run his TV commercial full of lies. He is running them as a resume to show to Fox News and land a gig sitting in a studio doing the same garbage of double speak and innuendo Hannity and others are doing.

  4. Give it a rest guys, its over before it even started.

    Noam will stay in NR & we’ll rot in hell for it.

  5. Eligibility to become a county civil service employee: Take the civil service test, get onto the first three ranks, then do really good on the job interview.

    eligibility to become a county employee under Astorino: None, but must be his republican crony….

    Astorino’s Main accomplishment: being a layoff king (sorry he hired his cronies – “promise made, promise kept” – yep, he created jobs !)

    About 2% county tax cut per Astorino. I live in Greenburgh. My “COUNTY” portion of taxes were as follows for the last four years: +4.5%, -1.2%, +2.17%, and +2.54% respectively. No kidding! Log onto Greenburgh GIS, if you don’t believe me. A net increase of 8.01% for the last four years. So People PLEASE look into your tax bill before trusting Astorino campaign on tax cuts.

    Astarino, you cut section 8, slashed child care & health service, lay off 600+ employees, WHERE ARE MY SAVINGS ?