Judge decides Maryknoll Sisters to continue to vote in Ossining


The Maryknoll Sisters will continue to vote in Ossining as they have for decades after a judge Thursday rejected an effort to have them vote in New Castle.

The Sisters’ property crosses the Ossining/New Castle border and Ossining Councilman Peter Tripodi, a Republican who is running for the Board of Legislators, filed a complaint with the Board of Elections arguing that their main address is in New Castle and they should vote there. The majority of the nuns, who spend years oversees doing missionary work, vote Democratic and Tripodi argued their presence was unfairly hurting the electoral chances of Republican candidates.

But Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson said the testimony showed that the Sisters’ main building is in Ossining according to the test applied by the Board of Elections: the location of the front door.

“It is clear that the Sisters consider themselves to be residents of Ossining,” she wrote in her decision. “Their ties to that community are long, deep, and, this Court is sure, widely appreciated.”

She went on to say: “It is further quite clear that the (very important) front door to the Mother House is in Ossining.”

Matthew Gallagher, the attorney for the Sisters, said they are happy with the decision.

“Today the Court reaffirmed the Maryknoll Sisters’ strong longstanding ties to and their right to cast their votes in Ossining like they have done since the 19th Amendment gave them the right to do so some 93 years ago,” he said. “The Sisters are pleased that this unfortunate matter is now behind them and look forward to continuing to serve those in need around the world like they have done for the last century.”

Tripodi is facing incumbent Democratic Legislator Catherine Borgia in the election Tuesday. For more on the candidates click here.


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  1. First-Reporter on

    I think the Judge made a terrible decision. Anyway, it does not change the fact that her cronys are tearing down her opponents signs and replacing them with hers. She can never deny the fact that she has walked out on her District 9 constituents and refused to vote on County Budgets. she cannot deny that while Supervisor in Ossining she was against AHUD and the Home Rule. now she is all in favor of it. as Supervisor she sold the fact that by moving the Law Enforcement to the County would save money with no cuts in service. There are several times where the Town has no protection and calls are handled by the Villages of Briarcliff or Ossining. The only thing Borgia is good for in Distruct 9 is her contribution to global warming because she is full of hot air.

  2. NUNsense!
    What do the property records show the boundaries to be? Stop making this about nun bashing. Tripodi is a Catholic as well. Why is Borgia so afraid of the truth that she has to resort to character assignation? No disenfranchisement (please look up definition if needed) request from Tripodi. He wants them to vote – just vote where they live! Peace out.

  3. Ossining Councilman Peter Tripodi should be deeply ashamed and ask for forgiveness from confession on Saturday. This lie is so bad it is almost a mortal sin.

    Thank God for a speed and heavenly decision on this grievous transgression of common sense, logic, and wisdom by the sinner Tripodi.

  4. Mommy! Mommyyyyyy!! on

    Don’t worry peter. No matter what those big bad nuns did to you you can always find comfort in your mommy’s basement. Maybe some hot cocoa will sooth those nerves? Wahhhhhhhh….. The nuns Mommy! The nuns!

  5. I was in the court room and Lost all respect for the Maryknoll Sisters as Sister Janice fabricated the truth. They do great work all over the world, why now did they decide to play politics . I’ve donated to the MaryKnolls for over thirty years, I guess its time to find another charitable organization .

  6. The nuns are liars on

    Said the tea party. There we go folks. Peter Tripodi has just called nuns who have done missionary work for the poor in every third world sh-thole liars.

    Maybe you should get out of your mom’s basement peter and do some missionary work for the poor as opposed to attacking a bunch of nuns, some who are now infirm and sick, who not only have a 100 year history of doing so….but have been voting in ossining for almost as long.

    You are a catholic in name only. How disgusting.

  7. The nuns are liars on

    And Tom,

    No matter what pittance you have given the nuns over the years, I am sure it will be made up by those disgusted by you and tripod exponentially.

  8. Taxpayer and Voter on

    I am certain that Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson will be in the thoughts and prayers of the good sisters for a long time.

  9. Linda Jamieson is a Republican. Her decision was not motivated by politics. Peter was way out of line here.

  10. I am sorry folks. I was wrong. I will direct my lawyers not to appeal the decision. I ask for the forgiveness of my peers and the Maryknoll sisters.

  11. To all on this blog who don’t show their name,what are you hiding for? Maybe you should do some of your own reseach , go on mapping westchester on the westchergov.com site and look at where the front door of 10 pines bridge rd really is. Peter you don’t have to have to appalogize for anything, you where just trying to protect the voting rights of over 60,000 registered voters who really live in the 9th district. Lastly to” the nuns at liars” those without sin throw the first stone

  12. Yeah you are very transparent tom. I only know a dozen toms. Tom who? Do you live in peter’s mommy’s basement too?