Breaking: A Klingon has been elected in NY (Updated)


He is one of only four actors to play seven different characters on “Star Trek,” including as a Klingon general, according to IMDb and Wikipedia.

And now John Hertzler will be on the Ulysses Town Board in Tompkins County, near Ithaca.

KlingonHertzler, 64, journeyed his way onto the local board after being nominated by Democrats last spring.

According to the Ithaca Times, Hertzler, known professionally as J.G. Hertzler, was introduced at the party’s caucus in August as the “the only Klingon general living in Ulysses.”

The paper said that Hertzler is an adjunct professor at Cornell University’s film and theater department. He once worked for the EPA in Washington, and now he opposes hydrofracking in New York.UDem_13_044.jpg

On his campaign website
, Hertzler said, “The immense and under-reported risks of environmental destruction of land, air and water quality due to this particular drilling technique is not compatible with human habitation and must not be allowed to happen here.”

He could not be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon. No contact information was listed on his campaign website.

But his Wikipedia page has already been updated: “In September 2013, Hertzler announced his intention to run as a Democratic candidate for the town council of Ulysses, New York, and was elected to a two-year term on November 5.”

Updated: Here’s some video Nov. 8 with Hertzler on his election and career:


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  1. This is all well and good ‘cept Ulysses and Tompkins County aren’t ‘on the Hudson’. We’re almost 200 miles from there. Sorry, I just get tired of so many places in NYS being misrepresented and misplaced on the map.

  2. Pamela: I’m from Southampton out on the East End of Long Island, and I feel your pain.

    Everyone NOT from NY: “Oh, you’re from New York?!? Ooohh, how’s life in the big city?!?”

    Me: *facepalm*

    And it didn’t help when we moved to Schoharie County, either.

    Me: I’m from upstate NY.

    Everyone south of White Plains: “Oh, you’re from Dutchess County?” (steps away like I might bash them over the head with my banjo)