Westchester legislative races: Verni waiting for final vote tallies in District 7


Though Democrat Catherine Parker won the machine vote by a margin of 388 votes in District 7 of the Westchester Board of Legislators, Republican John Verni said he will wait to make any declaration about the outcome until he knows how many paper ballots are outstanding and whether machine and ballot problems could have affected the race.

“Every vote counts and every vote should be counted,” he said. “I don’t want to unnecessarily make Catherine wait, but I owe it to my friends and supporters to see that all their votes are counted.”

Board of Elections officials said there are 458 absentee ballots in District 7, which makes it highly unlikely that Verni could pull out a victory. But the number of affidavit ballots won’t be known until a judge lifts an impoundment order related to judicial races. Neither kind of ballot will be counted until then. A judgement is expected Wednesday.

The machine recanvass will be done Tuesday, followed by an audit, said Republican Elections Commissioner Doug Colety. Verni said he has heard complaints about broken machines in Rye Neck and ballots that may have been spoiled by bleeding ink in Rye. Colety said all that will be investigated as they match the number of ballots issued to the number of votes cast and hand count ballots to see if they match the machine numbers in the audit.

“We need to make sure the ‘bleeding ballot’ does not become the Westchester version of the ‘hanging chad'” Verni said.

District 7 includes Mamaroneck, Rye, Larchmont and parts of Harrison and New Rochelle.


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  1. Cant Trust Repubs on

    “Bleeding ballot” is another invented Republican lie. When will we ever have an honest Republican.
    We know Astorino is a born liar and continues today.

  2. I generally back Dems but John Verni is a good man. He and Parker ran an exemplary race without nastiness and rancor. They are to be congratulated and emulated. Win or lose John should be recognized as a fine person

  3. After weeks and weeks of criticizing Judy Myers for supporting Catherine Parker, Parker’s victory justifies Judy’s advocacy. Murphy’s fellow Dems lost in Mamk Village and in Rye; only Parker could have won this race for the Dems. And the way she was attacked in the primary, yet never issued one negative against him….


    Judy is owed an apology by those handful who could never acknowledge that she was right and they were wrong. If the results had been the other way around they’d have crowed about it all the day long. So give props to Judy and Catherine

  4. Cant Trust Repubs on

    Repubs wont ever admit they were wrong. Their way or the highway is their motto and they will lie to get it.
    Four months of untruthful commercials from the chief liar reaps a political patronage windfall for the Repubs.
    OReilly and Proud will be on Westchester payroll before too long with undeserved real work promotions for other political patronage hacks. Worked for Mooney Jr so they want it too.

  5. Wow you Dems really are bitter, but its time to move on. Your guy Bramson got beat badly and the voters rejected his message, why don’t you just embrace that?

    And if only we could get some good results on the next round state elections, when are they? Next fall? We could do alot better if Latimer, Stewart-Cousins, Paulin & Otis didn’t represent us. Remember these names, they need to be retire, the sooner the better.