Justin Wagner seeks rematch against Senator Ball


Democrat Justin Wagner said today he will run for a second time in 2014 for a state Senate seat currently held by Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County.

Justin WagnerBall narrowly beat Wagner in what is widely viewed as a battleground district in the Hudson Valley that stretches across Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

Wagner, 33, an attorney from Croton on the Hudson in Westchester, said the same issues plague Albany that did a year ago.

“The necessity of reforming state government in Albany hasn’t changed,” Wagner said in an interview with Gannett’s Albany Bureau. “We still have ethics and campaign-finance laws that are written with loopholes so big that you can drive a tractor trailer through them.”

Ball has been a reliable vote getter for Senate Republicans and would be seeking a third term as Republicans cling to control. Republicans have power in the Senate through a coalition with four Democrats after Democrats won enough seats to take the majority in 2012.

Ball’s spokesman, Joe Bachmeier, said it’s too early to talk about next year’s elections. In their contentious race in 2012, Ball labeled his opponent as “wacky Wagner.”

“While Wagner is free to declare his candidacy, as he unsuccessfully did before, the senator has a responsibility to continue his good work and will not make an announcement on his intention to seek re-election, or run for any office for that matter, until after work on the state budget is complete, sometime in the spring,” Bachmeier said in a statement.


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  1. Greg Ball has credentials of being in spots to garner public attention but has done NOTHING to help New Yorkers. No legislation, no proven accomplishments, nothing but self promotion to keep his friends and family on the New York state payroll. Bogus charlatan.

  2. Greg ball running for Putnam
    County executive against Mary ellen Odelll.

    Wagner will face castelli and win

  3. This guy’s going to get beat again, like so many other Dems that tried rematches this year. Think of Tom Suozzi in Nassau and Joan Walsh who ran for Harrison mayor.

    Both lost tight races but in the rematches they got clobbered because the electorate realizes the Republicans are doing a great job handling the finances and are very distant from the national party.

  4. Greg Ball will announce he going to Primary Mary Ellen O’dell soon.

    The facts are Justin Wagner will not face Senator Greg Ball but another opponent like a Bob Castelli.