ICYMI: Cuomo again says fracking decision will come before Election Day


In case you missed it…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week said he believes the state’s lengthy review of hydraulic fracturing will be completed before his re-election bid is decided next year.

Speaking to reporters in Binghamton Nov. 6 — the day after Election Day 2013 — Cuomo was asked by WNBF-AM’s Bob Joseph whether he still expects to make a fracking announcement before Election Day 2014.

“Yes, I do,” Cuomo said. (Video of the exchange was posted by Binghamton’s NewsChannel 34 yesterday.)

The Cuomo administration has been tight-lipped about the progress of its fracking review, which ultimately will guide a decision on whether to allow shale-gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations in New York.

Last year, Health Commissioner Nirav Shah was asked to review the Department of Environmental Conservation’s fracking analysis. Though Shah said in January and February that his work would be completed within weeks, his review continues.

It’s not the first time Cuomo has said the work will be finished before he’s up for re-election, but it is the first time in several months. In May, Cuomo told The Post-Standard editorial board that a fracking decision was “not in the distant future” and would be completed before the 2014 election.

Asked in Binghamton last week if there’s anything new on the hydrofracking front, Cuomo said the review continues.

“That’s being reviewed and when we have a conclusive opinion, we’ll announce it,” he said.

Here’s Cuomo’s comments, via NewsChannel 34:


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  1. The lawsuit is trying to force the governor’s hand to decide soon, but the JLCNY may not like the governor’s answer, if he follows the science and continues the moratorium.

    If, however, the final SGEIS is approved before the election, there will be an immediate filing of lawsuits on SEQRA grounds over the SGEIS and on equal protection grounds, given the way the SGEIS exempts part of the state from drilling but allows it in other parts. There would also be challenges to the compulsory integration law, which actually does trample landowners’ rights by forcing them to accept drilling under their land, even if they are opposed to it.

    Meanwhile, given that NYS has dry gas, not wet gas, and is not home to a Marcellus sweet spot, companies are not likely to be very interested in drilling here with the price of methane still so low. The economics and geology are not in the JLCNY’s favor. http://TinyURL.com/ShaleGasPotentialInNY

  2. We landowners are confident tha Cuomo will release the regs soon. The evidence in favor of our lawsuit is 30 other states over shale bed gas are extracting using HVHF with no environmental devestation that only anti progressives hypnotised by Gasland claim. Their list of the harm has been exposed as aurthored and as a lie. Josh fox is apparentl no longer embraced by Barbra Lifton of Ithaca as no one like to be in the presence of a liar. Drilling is coming to NY perhaps slowly but as it happens and the benifits are realized those who banned it will remove the bans and shun the envirionmental groups who put out so much false information out to push there political agenda to take power from the office of the Governor

  3. For him to say a decision will happen before the next election only proves the decision is now completely political. If the science was still out, how can you make a conclusive statement. Whats happening is the politics will drive the decision when to give the OK and boost his pol ratings after the decision is out. Sorry anti’s, but the majority want gas development, jobs, and prosperity.

  4. ProudNYer is a paid professional activist, Isaac Silberman Gorn. So much as for grass roots movement. That’s what the entire anti-gas movement is about…professional protesters supported by behind the scenes elitist organizations attempting to make it look like there is opposition to NG when the majority of people informed with credible unbiased information support it. Ironic how these protesters call for tranparency from government and industry but hide thier own agenda and funding. They’re even less trustworthy thatn the gas companies!

  5. Ed12309, how true you are! Our so-called ‘governor’ is nothing but a lying sack – he promised the most transparent administration. WRONG! Why do we continue to hear NOTHING about the health review, nothing about any ongoing SGES activity, nothing at all.. How about the darkness surrounding the politically inspired wording of the casino ballot item, and how it was placed first, vs. last where it should have been had precedent been followed? He says science will decide, not politics – another lie. He is not a scientist and should not be involved, as the DEC NOT the governor is lead on this issue. As you point out his claim to decide by the next election is further proof he’s a liar. And his repeated comments that the polls are 50/50, where’s the politics in that? EXACTLY you worthless excuse for a leader! Time to send this celebrity worshiper home!

  6. … is renewable energy, family farms, local businesses & intact communities. There is measured scientific evidence of growing opposition to fracking, despite the outrageous 30:1 spending of the corporate gas industry propaganda. Its high time Gov. Cuomo align his decision with what the people of NY want & what the science consistently proves, that fracking is a serious threat to public health & needs to be banned outright.

    In case you need proof of the science “Fracking is opposed by 43 percent of voters and supported by 38 percent” http://www.siena.edu/uploadedfiles/home/parents_and_community/community_page/sri/sny_poll/SNY%20October%202013%20Poll%20Release–FINAL.pdf

  7. cdanon76 – Interesting observation. And to add to the FUD that he’s spreading, the medical community is not the best qualified group to judge whether it can be done safely or not – they are not geologists, they are not engineers, they do not have expertise in anything to do with industrial processes. Why are they not out in force against the obvious harms of agriculture, where many farmers are killed or maimed every year in equipment accidents? Why not deny that flying is safe? After all airplanes can and will crash, with more lives lost than through drilling and hydraulic fracturing!

    NYS’s future – polls are not science. They might be POLITICAL science, but as predictors of future events they are about as reliable as was shown by the famous headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”, based on polls. ‘Nuff said!

  8. With daily news of spills, explosions, casings broken, and the list goes on and on, I believe that the science says it all. Fracking , the way it is done today, will destroy our land, water, air and livelyhoods.
    However, the real skeleton in the closet, is the Court of Appeals case, pending, when the judges will decide on if Middlefield and Dryden have the right to use home rule and zoning laws to keep fracking out of their towns. I smell it that Cuomo will wait for that decision to come down and then politically act upon it.

  9. NY’s Future,

    You can rely on your polls if you want, but a little more than a week ago elections were held. The antis ran their anti gas agenda driven candidates in many local communities, including those where they supposedly have bans/moratoriums. The voters soundly rejected candidates that had an anti-gas agenda and voted for those with pro-gas agendas. Actions speak louder than polls. Fact is the anti-gas crowd in a mis-informed, fear mongering, sensationalizing vocal minority. The “science” the antis resort to are biased studies funded by anti-gas agenda driven groups trying to hide thier efforts to keep America from developing a safe and beneficial energy source. Where objective unbiased sutdies have been completed the facts show that NG and its production have no adverse effects on people, communities, or the environment. In fact, they show that societies health is less at risk by replacing existing energy sources (coal, oil etc.) with NG because it burns cleaner, has no particulate or heavy metal emmisions, and has reduced CO2 output to lowest levels in 20 years.
    The real science, facts, and support is for NG!

  10. JaOKE
    What you refer to in your most recent post is fear mongering sensationalism, not science, which is why your claims that science proves NG is bad are JaOKES. Look closely enough and any endeavor mankind undertakes will have occasional problems. That is not grounds for banning or delaying it. Every day planes crash, yet every day millions of people fly. Everyday doctors make mistakes but every day we go to them. We learn from the errors to improve and proceed on, not bury our heads and regress as you antis would have us do. We can look over the border to PA and the other 39 states where NG is developed to see that your claim that FRACKING (inappropriately applied to mean all NG development and use when it is really only one minor process out of many used in NG development, which shows your sensationalism and ignorance yet again) will destroy our land, water, air and livelyhoods is blatant fearmongering and a bald faced lie. The sky hasn’t fallen in PA or elsewhere Chicken Little, so stop crying wolf. HVHF and NG development are safe and beneficial contributions to our communities and society. The proof has been all around us for a long time. You haven’t noticed it because you don’t realize it and take it for granted.

  11. NYRAD, you are right in that Cuomo fears you – for now. As soon as he’s done with you and gotten himself re-elected by his hoped-for landslide, he’ll toss you under the bus so quickly you won’t believe it. He’s an arrogant, self-centered, self-important tyrant who is so delusional he thinks he can be president. The electoral map is against him, and without winning swing states he’s toast – assuming the Democrats would ever be foolish enough to nominate him.

  12. We know that Bill but we have Kennedy on our side and cuomo is afraid Kennedy will talk about how he treated his wife if he doesnt do our bidding….Havent you been reading Kennedys found diary in the NY-POST

  13. Plus Kennedy dates Daryl Hannah. To keep getting “it” he has to toe the line and follow along with her well informed and scientifically based opposition to NG. That includes asking Cuomo for the solid of keeping NG out of NY. What a nice little manag a trios!

  14. As usual, the propaganda antics of shills, trolls, and liars show up on nearly every environmental discussion page. Denial of obvious energy usage facts will continue on without a clue. Let’s take a bus to New York City to demonstrate our concept of environmental protection. ??? The environmental debate has become so spun by all the factions and professional corporate spin-masters; none of the comments posted thus far have one shred of reality or recognition of truth.
    Environmental protection and reduction of planetary rape for profit must begin with a rational discussion of energy use, not energy exploitation. The reason it remains profitable to hire liars and shills, is that no one presents the point regarding energy wasting activities like flying around in jumbo jets, fighting protracted and pointless wars, lighting cities up like Christmas trees 24/7 – year after year. No one wants to talk about getting off the corn ethanol habit, and the tax subsidized ethanol/corn industry that uses 5 times more energy than it produces at the gas pump. No one wants to talk about the destruction of our forests and rivers, the collapse of our industrial and urban infrastructures, the ruin of the Pacific Ocean due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. No one wants to talk about living with less waste of resources, because you’ve been taught how to avoid practical solutions. Either that, or you’ve been educated to think that practical solutions are far more expensive than causing intractable problems like the collapse of the entire environment.
    A list of rational concepts could go on and on, but I can see from the drunken and foolish reader comments, that no one is ready to become sober as yet…