Westchester CSEA asks for contract on eve of budget season


CSEA Unit 9200, which represents the majority of Westchester County workers, put out a statement Thursday in anticipation of the release of the county budget proposal Friday calling for “a fair, reasonable and responsible contract with the CSEA-represented county employees who have been working under an expired contract since Jan. 1, 2012.”

“The dedicated public service workers of CSEA Unit 9200 work hard for the taxpayers of Westchester County every day providing essential services, under increasingly difficult conditions that help to maintain the quality of life in the county,” the statement says. “Labor relations is a two-way street and CSEA will continue to negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement that works for all. A tone of fairness and respect can go a long way toward resolving differences.”

County Executive Rob Astorino has publicly insisted on health premium contributions from employees as a part of any new contract. Seven unions have settled under those terms over the past year and a half. Astorino and others have speculated that CSEA put its negotiations on hold while it waited for the outcome of the election on Nov. 5, in which Astorino won a second term.


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  1. CSEA should lose 10 jobs every day until they end their holdout and join EVERYONE else in chipping in for their own health care. It’s ridiculous that they still think they are owed free health.

  2. lol They put their demands on hold until they realized they wouldn’t have Bramson around to line their pockets and tax everyone into bankruptcy.

  3. Astorino hired an army of political crony campaign workers to fill vacant CSEA positions which were vacated 3 years ago because of a NYS retirement incentive program. He has treated the CSEA workers miserably and demonized the CSEA employees while at the same time hiring his own campaign workers to fill their slots. Astorino is arguably the most corrupt County Executive in Westchester history and he has the CSEA running scared also because of his family history of felony conviction and mob association. His opponent (Bramson) during the election never made an issue of crony hires which makes many of us wonder if Bramson was just paid off by the Republican clubhouse to throw the election. He was vulnerable because he is a Harvard Grad making only $89K a year after many years??

  4. Zen are you out of your mind? Bramson’s the king at hiring friends & contributors.

    My guess is you’re not from New Rochelle & have been misinformed or you’re listening blindly to 1 side.