Astorino keeps speculation alive on run for governor


In a question and answer session after releasing his 2014 budget proposal Friday, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino said his chance of running for governor next year was “anywhere from zero to 100 percent.”astorinoonreisman

He said he had answered honestly when asked by the New York Post if he would run that he would always consider it, launching a round of speculation on his future. But his election victory has kicked up the governor talk, he said.

“I think the speculation has been increased certainly because of the way we won,” he said. “But the fact of the matter remains I love what I’m doing here.”

Asked what higher-level Republican official he would compare himself to, Astorino said: “I’ve got to be careful because I might see him soon. But I’ve been compared to a thin Chris Christie,” he said. “And I mean that in all due respect. Because I think what he’s done in New Jersey has been fantastic.”

He also said he admired the pension reform efforts of Rhode Island General Treasurer Gina Raimondo, a Democrat.

His record in the county has also fed the speculation, Astorino said. Astorino’s budget proposal includes no tax levy increase for the fourth year in a row.

“I think because of the size of the county and what we’ve been able to do budget-wise, it’s been seen as a little bit of a laboratory for what could be for other counties or the state,” he said.

He added that he will use his platform to lobby for mandate relief in Albany, which he blamed for inaction.

“I think what’s been noticed here, right wrong or indifferent, is that we’ve made some really big changes here,” he said, “and they’re having a good effect.”


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  1. He is bolting since he has all those millions in his campaign fund he can keep forever. He does not care this is a ladder rung. Every Repub has done the same path. His legacy of lies and layoffs and cuts to services is his sad history.

  2. Astorino has only been able to moderate budget increases by using the savings of salaries and benefits of 550 County retirees on a NYS incentive program during the fiscal crisis. Then he borrowed millions more to pay the County portion of the retirement costs instead of using the savings to pay for them passing the debt along to future generations. Now he calls himself a “fiscal conservative”? He has no other record of accomplishment during his term in office. He has loaded the County Office Building with cronies to work on his campaigns, at the expense of Westchester taxpayers, by replacing cronies into the civil service positions of those who retired. Now he’s running for Governor on the phony record that he has a record of being a “fiscal conservative” in Westchester. That will allow him to accumulate campaign political contributions that he can keep for himself, by law, even if he doesn’t win. He’s laughing at all of us because he has been enriching himself right in front of our noses, bilking Westchester taxpayers, while making speeches in Spanish and delivering easy welfare benefits through the County Dept Of Social Services to “illegal’s” to curry favor with Hispanic voters. We must also wonder if he’s been collecting contract gratuities from County contractors? It’s how to sucker the Westchester Taxpayers to get rich and it’s the continuing saga of why Westchester County has the highest out of pocket property taxes in the United States!

  3. Would hate to lose Astorino as County Executive but he’d be a great governor and New York State needs him.

  4. Three days after election: Astorino declares no tax increases. Bramson announces New Rochelle will break the 2% Cap and raise taxes AGAIN 6+%. Well, well, well.

  5. Astorino plays dirty when it comes to campaigns, probably because there is so much money at stake for him. He was allegedly recorded commiserating with a strip club operator in an actual phone call explaining his desire to “decapitate” in his words the leadership of the Independence Party in Westchester, and to engage in election racketeering by purposely having loyal republicans switch their party affiliation to the Independence to take over the party, including having the Board of Elections backdate some of the documents to before the deadline. He was also accused of accepting “lap dances” on numerous occasions at a strip club, which seemingly exploits women to make money. Nothing has been proven but Astorino has never denied the charges. Republicans need to be careful backing a guy like this and they really should be looking for someone else who is cleaner for a gubernatorial candidate.

  6. Westchester Taxpayers can realize an immediate reduction in taxes of 15-20% if all of the political cronies who have been hired in the last 4 years, at County expense, to work on campaigns instead of public administration, are let go. It would help if our local newspaper would ask for and review a list of all County employees hired in the last 4 years to research their backgrounds and see if their credentials and experience match what is needed for public administration

  7. The most useful and noble act Astorino could perform would be to announce the end to County Government altogether.

  8. If I had to tell the real truth , this whole thing that our CE has done is a real sham and a lot of us political people didn’t even realize what he was doing? He is allegedly an experienced crooked type of guy who has learned his lessons from his father and step brother and we know that all of us will be gone in a minute as soon as he is indicted by the Feds. Time to bail out! This guy will never be Governor! It’s all just a scheme to enrich himself and his family. That house that he and his family live in is getting awfully small with all of those kids-maybe that’s why the desperation to run for Governor! Why should he be Governor? He has done exactly nothing at all for Westchester except hire his own campaign people at their expense.

  9. I didn’t realize what I was getting into here. Astorino and his people can fend for themselves. I’m leaving!