Cuomo: Legislature may reform Common Core


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state Legislature may look to reform the controversial Common Core standards, saying the issue is out of his hands.

CuomoSilverSkelosCuomo has called for tougher teacher standards and improved accountability in schools. He has linked state grants to schools who outperform their peers. Yet he said the Common Core complaints rest with the Legislature and the state Education Department, which are not under his direct control.

“It’s something we’re watching very closely, and it’s something that might be the subject of legislative changes next year,” Cuomo told reporters on Staten Island. “But it’s not anything that I control, so we are watching.”

Lawmakers have hinted at looking at ways to modify Common Core, which has led to an increase in testing of students in third through eighth grades. Teachers are also facing more rigorous performance reviews, based in part on student test scores.

The Legislature returns to Albany in January.

Cuomo said some of the rollout of Common Core, which started last school year, has been “problematic.”

“It’s actually a decision that the state Education Department is going to make,” Cuomo said.


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  1. Governor the Common Core IS NOT out of your hands!!!!!!!! You signed on for it not sign us OFF of it!!!!!!

  2. I love how they are giving out grants for schools that outperform others. It doesn’t take into account that a lot of parents in some areas are not helping their children at home. So the areas that have more parent participation will have higher scores, and probably already did before Common Core, will get the grants. They probably don’t need the grants as much as the ones that are in the lower performing schools. Shouldn’t we help bolster the schools that aren’t doing as well?

  3. Here is a letter that says it is in his hands. A letter to Tisch in 2011 “Finally, my Administration will aggressively seek to incentivize schools districts to implement the evaluation system expeditiously. Therefore, only those districts that actually perform, and implement the teacher and principal evaluation system, would be eligible for the Executive’s School Performance Incentive Program—a $500 million program—that I included in the Executive Budget. School districts would potentially lose millions of dollars on state awards for failure to implement the system quickly.

  4. It is essential that the blame game stop, after all the people that set standards in Education on a Federal and State level have obviously failed miserably to improve the product that our schools are designed to produce. The goal of educators is to produce an ‘An Educated Child’ and we have to often failed to achieve that in our classrooms. Why?

    As a former NYC teacher who helped start a program in the Alternate Education area I can offer this to parents and educators. My feeling is that teaching to tests, that are composed of questions that cover curriculum covered in Texts that is usually just a page, to a page and a half long just doesn’t cut it. We need to teach in depth and from multiple sources in areas like history, etc. This allows a student to evaluate and synthesize information from different sources and that is essential to higher level thinking. At the dinner table ask you child for his opinion on a subject that he professes to be interested in and see if he or she can articulate their opinion in an intelligent manner. If all they can get out is half a sentence, you know they are a victim of current educational standards in States throughout America.

    Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

  5. You made the bed… Now lie in it!!! What a disaster. I feel bad for this generation of students that you messed up.