In NY, Christie leads Cuomo in potential 2016 matchup: poll


The home-field advantage isn’t helping Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a potential 2016 presidential matchup against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Siena College poll today found.

Christie would beat Cuomo 47 percent to 42 percent. Hillary Clinton outdoes them both: She led Christie 56-40 percent among New York voters for president in 2016, the poll said.

“New Yorkers might like to poke fun at their Garden State neighbors – what New Yorker doesn’t know a good Jersey joke? – but voters here like Chris Christie, the recently re-elected Republican governor. And it’s not just Republicans,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

Christie had a 57-31 percent favorability rating with Democrats and a 67-19 percent favorability with independents, Siena found.

Christie has a 63-25 percent favorability rating overall in New York. Cuomo’s favorabilty was 61 percent to 32 percent.

The favorability rating for Clinton, the former New York senator, first lady and secretary of state, was 67-31 percent.

Overall, Greenberg said, “Christie is besting Cuomo by five points. Cuomo’s New York City lead is not enough to offset Christie’s comparable upstate and suburban leads, not to mention Christie’s 21-point lead among independent voters.”


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  1. Taxpayer and Voter on

    Hillary’s time has come and gone. Cuomo is a “hard-looking” guy…not attractive at all……….Christie is good looking and will get better looking as he looses more weight. Cuomo and Clinton and Bush have old political names and folks are looking for a fresh face and a fresh name.

  2. None of these people are qualified to be President. Cuomo?-Got there because of his father. Clinton?-Her husband was President so she wants to be President too. Christie? A storm cleanup guy but President? Are you kidding?

    Why with almost 300 million people in this country must we keep recycling the same old candidates?