Rounding error? Brady Campaign changes NY’s score from B+ to A-


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence quietly changed its grade for New York’s gun-safety laws from a B+ to an A- — making it one of five states to get the highest grade from the national group.

A spokeswoman for the group,  Jennifer Fuson, said New York’s score was rounded up from a 79.5 to 80 — moving up it’s overall grade.

So New York joins California, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland for top marks. She said Alabama was also rounded up — from an F to a D -.

Apparently, New York gun-control advocates were miffed by the original score.

New York was the first in the nation to implement a new gun-control law after the Newtown shootings a year ago. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has defended the law amid criticism and lawsuits from gun-rights advocates.

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  1. Frank Chernega on

    Who cares what the Brady Campaign says or does? They have nothing to do with NY politics. Let them stay where they belong: Washington D.C.

  2. Elements within the pro gun movement must stop making extreme arguments.

    Sure there’s lax gun control in Vermont, and it has very low gun violence levels.

    This doesn’t explain the lax gun laws in New Orleans and Honduras, murder capitals of the US and world respectively.

    You can’t have it all one way.