Astorino to meet with Republican chairmen in WNY


Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino will meet privately with county GOP chairmen in western New York next week as part of his visit to Buffalo for a local party fundraiser.

It’s the latest move by Astorino as he contemplates a run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year.

astorino4Astorino is attending an Erie County GOP holiday fundraiser Wednesday and will meet with the county chairmen.

Livingston County GOP Lowell Conrad confirmed the meeting, but said he would be unable to attend. He said it will be important for Republicans to have a strong top of the ticket next year as Republicans seek to win their first statewide seat since 2002.

“He has a good reputation, and I guess he’s a potential candidate at this point,” Conrad said of Astorino.

Astorino, who won a second term last month, has taken several trips as he considers whether to challenge the Democratic governor, who has more than $28 million in his campaign coffers — more than any governor in the country.

Astorino attended the Somos El Futuro conference in Puerto Rico and the Republican Governors Association convention in Phoenix — where he spent time with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Earlier this week, he was in Washington D.C. and met with members of New York’s congressional delegation.

Astorino said he would decide his future early next year.


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  1. Westchester is being severely mismanaged and nothing has been accomplished. Astorino has been living off the savings in salaries and benefits from employees retiring as a result of the state incentive during the fiscal crisis. Instead of using the savings from retirements to make a substantial reduction in taxes, the savings went back into hiring a staff of political cronies to work on his campaigns. Then even more money was borrowed to pay for retirement costs that generated the savings in the first place, which led to the Moody’s downgrade in Westchester’s credit rating. How could Astorino ever win? He represents the highest taxing municipality in the US with a record of fiscal mismanagement. Not exactly the Rudy Giuliani who cleaned up NYC! Will the Republican Party please offer up a gubernatorial candidate who has a track record and credentials and who is serious about quality public administration?

  2. r u kidding? The Reps don’t have anyone qualified to run. Reps in NY don’t attract honest people and other cities and counties upstate don’t have the people or the resources to run a campaign. So they pick a guy from a wealthy county with plenty of workers on his payroll. Upstate doesn’t know that he has no record and most people here don’t even pay attention or even know his name even when he uses their money for his campaign. Many voters just get in the booth and vote for anyone who makes “lower taxes noise” even if he didn’t lower taxes.

  3. Astorino is anti union. He even eliminated the job that the CSEA President had during her term and laid off others to be replaced with his own political cronies. He is a vindictive, nasty and corrupt person who has no business being in public office. Little Napolean is what he is called. He ought to be removed in handcuffs!

  4. Astorino is hated by the true County of Westchester Civil Service Employees who had to go to room 100 in the County Office Building to apply for a job and then take tests, and then rank high enough to qualify for a job opening which could have taken from months to years. Astorino didn’t care at all about credentials or qualifications when he hired inexperienced and unqualified cronies who do not add anything to the functioning of the County. They are all pathetic YES people who work on campaigns and can’t get a job anywhere else. Although thousands of Americans have given all for this country, it is disheartening to see that Astorino’s kinds of scoundrels use government to enrich themselves.

  5. How come Astorino’s opponent Noah Bramson didn’t bring this up during the campaign?

    How about because he is incompetent and some people think he was paid off to keep his mouth shut. How many Harvard Grads want to live on $89K per yr?

  6. Government labor unions are a cancer on every city and state that are dominated by them. Detroit is the ultimate example of unions running things. NY has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs because of fleeing companies who cannot compete in NY’s bloated government dominated economy. The faster Astorino gets rid of the county’s unionized workforce, the faster Westchester’s economy can recover from the decades of parasites masquerading as public servants.

  7. Dear Bob

    You must be an Astorino campaign monkey. The problem is not unions. Hondas and Toyotas are also made in the US? Don’t you know? The problem is corrupt politicians like Astorino including all of his parasite unqualified political cronies. The best thing that can happen to Westchester is to see Astorino taken out in handcuffs by the Feds and all of his political parasite cronies fired!

  8. Lester, Noemi, and Kelly are correct.
    Civil Service govt positions require credentials, education, and experience to take the exam for “competitive” job titles. After scoring in the top of the list candidates then are hired after interviews and a 1 year “probationary period” where they can be fired if not perfrming the duties of the positions.
    If it was not that way crooked politicians would be hiring relatives, girlfriends, and hacks for positions and others would be picking up the slack those unqualified warm bodies would not be doing
    Unfortunately Astorino has placed Kerry Oristano as Personnel Officer (the boss of Westchester HR) who seemingly has approved every non credentialed, inexperienced, and uneducated Astorino friend and political patronage shill into real worker positions in many Westchester departments.
    Oristano has done the political bidding of Astorino and the Republicans
    We need a list of these hacks, their pay, their connections, and where they sit all day.

  9. Wrong again with the facts – Rob Astorino was supported by most of the trade unions and all of the law enforcement unions. The real unions who know how to sit down and negotiate a contract came to respect Rob Astorino and that is why they settled contracts and supported Rob Astorino for reelection. CSEA played chess and lost, they gambled that the democrats would win and they thought they would be given a great contract. Even if the democrats won CSEA could never have gotten what they were demanding, they want and want and want and do not want to give.

  10. Amen to Real Workers! That’s the truth. The County has just been overrun with Astorino political cronies who are unqualified and don’t bring any expertise at all to the public administration of Westchester. They are just there to be cheerleaders and campaign workers for Astorino at taxpayer expense. The CSEA is not the problem. The problem is Astorino & cronies.

  11. Westchester County Human Resources in an ideal world is supposed to have the goal of recruiting the best possible candidates to do the best work for Westchester Taxpayers. The fact is that HR is headed up by a crooked department head chosen by the County Exec and mostly mediocre overpaid employees who have been there for years. The Astorino goal is to figure out every way to “beat the system” and appoint the candidates (mostly political cronies) that he wants whether or not qualified. The real County employees hate the current administration but fear the repercussions because they have found that “Little Mussolini” is heartless and will eliminate their jobs from the budget if he doesn’t get what he wants.