New Westchester legislative coalition to announce plans Thursday


A coalition of Republicans and Democrats will announce their plans for the leadership of the Board of Legislators in the new year at a press conference on Thursday morning.

Since the election, which returned the same balance of 10 Democrats and seven Republicans to the Board of Legislators, there has been a lot of speculation that a new governing coalition would come together following the lines of last year’s budget vote. At that time, Legislator Michael Kaplowitz, D-Somers, and Legislator Virginia Perez, D-Yonkers, split off from their caucus and voted with the board’s seven Republicans.

It’s unclear if more Democrats might join a coalition to choose new leadership for the board, including replacing Legislator Ken Jenkins, a Democrat from Yonkers, as chairman. Legislator Peter Harckham, D-North Salem, said Monday he will not stand for majority leader, a position he has held for four years.

Kaplowitz is widely expected to win the chairmanship.

Beyond the chairmanship, the board in its new term starting in January will also pick several other top positions, including committee heads.

Two new Democratic legislators are joining the board, Catherine Parker from Rye and Ben Boykin from White Plains, replacing retiring Democratic Legislators Judy Myers and Bill Ryan.


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  1. No one like a person who gloats or insults when someone is down. But isnt that how some nasty politicians behave and their political patronage hacks who spew in their favor?

  2. “Kaplowitz is widely expected to win the chairmanship.”

    Yeah about 25 people who use the elevator in the county office building might care who the next Chair is.
    Most Westchester residents dont vote and think the County Executive is the mayor of Dobbs Ferry…With all their horrific News 12 advertising most Westchesterites dont care and dont have time to care about Westchester politics and the junk they do.

    The miserable low Nov 2013 voting results prove that.

  3. Michael kaplowitz is a good decent man who works well across party lines and he puts the people before politics.