WATCH: Tempers flare over Common Core at board meeting


Angry exchanges last night between the public and school board members at a Dutchess County meeting led to the board to walk out during the public comment period.

Arguments between Wappingers Central School District board President Ved Shravah and meeting attendees grew so intense that the board adjourned, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported today.

It’s the latest tense meeting in Dutchess over the new Common Core standards. Education Commissioner John King was shouted down at a Poughkeepsie forum in October over Common Core, the tougher student testing for third through eighth graders.

The Poughkeepsie Journal reported that a group of parents opposed to Common Core have been attending Wappingers board meetings to speak out against the standards and other aspects of Race to the Top, the federal education standards.

The board cut off public comment and then went into executive session to discuss “board conduct” when things got heated. When they resumed, Shravah said the board would continue the meeting if no one did anything “disrespectful.”

But when community member Diane Santangelo Bagdy started criticizing Shravah, the board packed up and left.

Here’s video from Journal reporter Nina Schutzman:


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  1. Elected officials refuse to hear the voice of the people. It’s become very frustrating to speak out and be systematically ignored. Common Core is hurting our children, our schools, and our communities. A board that refuses to listen and then walks out on its frustrated constituents needs to be changed at the next election.

  2. Since when is it disrespectful to stand up for your children when the people left in their charge (teachers, admins) have been muzzled by their unions???

    Parents HAVE to speak up. Common Core & Race to the Top are DESTROYING education in this country. The unions are bought and paid for by the reform backers. We need MORE parents speaking up, not fewer.

    The Board of Ed has an obligation to listen to the parents and address their concerns. If they can’t do that, then get out of the way and let someone else sit on the board.

  3. Board members work for US! They are supposed to be advocates for our children. This seems to be lacking in many districts. Parents have the right to be vocal and MAD about what is being done to our children. Hey Wappingers SB, can your heads be any deeper in the sand?!

  4. I find it unconscionable that our elected officials refuse to listen when we speak out about things we see as wrong. This is at the most local level, closest to home, the officials that we entrust our children to. Just as common core has shown itself to be wrong, the Wappingers BoE is even more wrong for refusing to listen. Time to find replacements.

  5. The only disrespect during that meeting came from the board toward the parents, specifically towards a grandmother demanding answers! To walk away, to ignore, and to speak over other people when they are talking is DISRESPECTFUL!!! Why this BOE has caused so much controversy, and refuses to work with parents in the best interest of the children is mind boggling. What are they hiding?