Scott Stringer wades into fracking home rule debate


Scott Stringer, the Manhattan borough president and New York City comptroller-elect, is dipping his toe into the New York state fracking debate, filing a brief in a case that will decide whether local governments can ban gas drilling.

Stringer’s borough president office filed the brief today, urging the state Court of Appeals — New York’s highest court — to uphold lower court rulings that allowed cities, towns and villages to prohibit fracking within their borders.

“Municipal control over land use decisions preserves the right of communities to shape their own neighborhoods as they see fit,” the brief reads. “While New York State‚Äôs review of hydraulic fracturing is ongoing and will affect the future of the industry through the Empire State, municipalities are far better situated to determine what land use is appropriate for their territory since they have local knowledge that may be overlooked as part of the broader statewide effort.”

The Tompkins County town of Dryden and the town of Middlefield in Otsego County were sued last year over their local fracking bans, with now-defunct Norse Energy and a Middlefield dairy farmer arguing that state law prohibits local governments from regulating the gas industry, except when it comes to road use. (Norse’s bankruptcy trustee, meanwhile, filed suit yesterday in an attempt to force Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to lift a statewide de factor moratorium on fracking.)

Both the state Supreme Court and the Appellate Division backed Middlefield and Dryden, but the Court of Appeals agreed earlier this year to take on the case.

Stringer’s brief, which you can read below, was first reported by Capital New York. Dryden and Middlefield also filed their arguments yesterday.

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  1. Another NYC politician who knows only the lies that flowed down the Deleware From Josh Fox and Ithaca. As he and other NYer’s switch to natural gas, advocate for Indian Point Nuclear Power plant to be converted to Natural Gas, push for natural gas busses and cabs in the city, heat their luxury apartments with Natural gas and drive their fossil fueled cars to Upstate NY summer homes heated by Natural Gas the hypocrisy is forever evident showing the ignorance and the disregaurd for Upstate NY

  2. Another disgusting display from a hypocritical NIMBY. While NYC continues to feverishly retrofit all their heat and power away from coal and oil to nat gas, guys like this are telling upstate landowners our mineral rights are worthless. Even Cuomo recently strongly endorsed the conversion of the Dunkirk Coal fired power plant to nat gas as being a good thing by helping to clean our air and ensure that NY state generates its own electricity. Stringer should stay in Manhattan and out of our lives in upstate. I’ll respect his opinion once he turns off the nat gas to his borough and then explain to all his fellow NYC residents why it’s so cold in all their homes and offices in downtown. Hypocrite……..