Anti-fracking groups again gearing up for Cuomo’s State of the State


They’re baaaaack!

A coalition of environmental and anti-fracking groups say they’ll again line the concourse leading to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address this year, hoping to repeat their 2013 effort that led to a quarter-mile-long line of protesters between the state Capitol and the venue for Cuomo’s speech.

Among the critics of hydraulic fracturing participating are New Yorkers Against Fracking, Citizen Action of New York, the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter and Catskill Mountainkeeper, among many others, according to a press release.

“As science shows that fracking is inherently dangerous, contaminates water and makes people sick, thousands of New Yorkers will rally at the State of the State address to call on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking,” John Armstrong, a spokesman for Frack Action and New Yorkers Against Fracking, said in a statement.

Since Cuomo’s 2013 address, not much has changed from the fracking standpoint in New York. The Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement — which, theoretically, would guide the shale-gas-drilling permitting process in New York — is still under review by state Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, who recently has shed no light on when his work may be completed.

Here’s a video of last year’s anti-fracking protest, which drew more than 1,000 people. (For some reason, the video repeats around the 3:16 mark.)


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  1. I was at the rally last year as a pro-gas participant and can state with certainty that most antis were paid to be there with free bus rides and paid lunch with stipend. Don’t believe everything you see

  2. I was there last year and I PAID for my lunch and my bus ride and I’m NOT being paid for anything. I’ve put my heart and soul into not having New York turn into Penn. with people leaving their homes, and sick children. So I’m not anything but a community member who wants NY to be frack free.

  3. Facts pore in on a daily basis showing that fracking is an especially strong envrionmental and climate change threat. What is often overlooked is that the boom and bust which accompanies industrialized extraction of gas, oil, etc. is a disaster for small rural communities like those where fracking could be practiced in New York. By the way, the “boom” for such communities is a “boom” in demand for infrastructure, social, medical, court, police, and school services none of which the industry pays for. Then, comes the bust, where the local tax bill comes due and the costs for overbuilding of services falls on the residents who remain after the drillers and pumpers pull out.

  4. The antis can attempt to deny the rights of property owners and free markets but the fundamentals of law will prevail. Antis that want to deny, go move to Cuba, Venezuela, or Russia and you will appreciate the freedoms offered in the US. Fracking is safe, only NY is blocking it due to politics.

  5. Science continues to mount that HVHF causes harm to the environment and to public health.
    NY is not the only state exercising caution. VT has a ban in place. MA and MD are studying whether or not to approve HVHF. Other states with HVHF ongoing are tightening regulations in response to problems.

    Remember that land ownership does not give the owner the right to pollute or to cause harm and disruption to their neighbors. If HVHF is permitted in NY, there will be immediate lawsuits filed in relation to the compulsory integration law that forces unwilling landowners into allowing drilling into their property.

  6. True facts speak louder than anti lies. 30 other states allow HVHF, but not NY due to politics. These other states have env and health departments? Of course they do. VT has no shale plays and is reconsidering their ban, now that US EPA, POTUS, and other countries have declared HVHF safe. The mandamus filing on behalf of Norse will be the turning point to allow clean-burning gas development in NY

  7. Ed is telling lies again. I know a number of people who have been on the trips. They pay their own way. I have testified and submitted testimony at DEC and at EPA hearings 100 miles from where I live at my own expense.

    And, if fracking is so safe, why is Exxon facing criminal charges for a 57,000 gallon spill? The longer fracking goes on elsewhere, the more information comes in from other states and other countries that fracking is not being done safely and the more people are becoming aware of the risks.

  8. Again, the anti spin is toxic. If wind turbines are the answer, what about the bird kills and the exemption from the Endangered Species Act for killing Bald Eagles. And the tons of excavated mine ore to extract the rare earth’s needed for solar panels. The spills associated with mining waste. The antis will deny science to extend the Catskill Park westward. Not happening, drilling will occur, NY needs he gas to get off #6 fuel oil


    It Never stops…. When all you have is fear mongering lies they get repeated over and over again because truth says drilling is safe. Last year walter hang wrote ( We Dwrafed the pro gassers and the controled the media.) That may be true but then again it’s how you look at it. I was the one who organized last years pro gas rally and we had over 350 broome county residents that came from were the drilling will take place far out numbering the 40 people who got on the southerntier bus that were against it. To say the anti gas protestors are not being paid is one of the biggest fabrications they have. MOVEON.ORG just paid 2,000 people $500.00 each to organize against fracking here is proof of salaries:

    The anti-fracking movement has figured out how to win—using grassroots organizing and people power to beat back big industry in town after town and county after county—and now it’s time to double down on our strategy. That’s why we launched the #FrackingFighter project to recruit and support grassroots leaders who are running effective local campaigns to fight fracking in their own communities—just like MoveOn members did in Dallas, Buffalo, and Colorado.

    Meet the 100 MoveOn Fracking Fighters from 37 states—local activists who will receive materials, grant money, and training for their campaign—and then share the page on Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #FrackingFighter to show the fossil fuel industry and elected officials that our movement is growing.

    The anti movement camp is financing tens of thousands of dollars to provide posters – transportation – song – and actors to draw crowds. Students are getting an easy credit just forgoing and despite taxpayer1301 Isacc Gorn… this movement is anything but grass roots. here is what youb can expect Jan 8th

    Hydraulic fracturing is safe and it has spurred a shale gas revolution improving our environment and our health, but you won’t hear it from protestors.

    6 days from now hundreds of people, many of whom are paid activist from states other then New York, will grab their cell phones, their plastic protest signs made from natural gas, their lap tops and I-pads all made possible by natural gas or oil, and will journey to Albany to protest the stuff.

    These protestors will board buses filled with shale oil products extracted from deep shale beds using the hydraulic fracturing technology, which has an enviable safety record of having never polluted a US water supply. They will protest it and try to imply otherwise by slyly stretching the term “fracking” to include everything from drilling to gas distribution, but that stubborn fact remains.

    The Fracking Hypocrisy of Hydraulic Fracturing Opponents
    It is horizontal drilling, combined with the hydraulic fracturing process, that for the first time in six decades has allowed the United States of America to produce more gas and oil here at home then we import. Yet, protestors will stand in the halls of Albany where speeches will be made and tall tales will be told of how hydraulic fracturing has polluted water wells wherever drilling has taken place, though it’s never actually happened anywhere in the US.

    Hydraulic Fracturing Protestor in Plastic Suit Carrying Plastic Sign, Oblivious to the Disconnect with His Message

    They will also flaunt a “List of The Harmed” that has been proven not only to be largely fictional, but was penned mostly by one person based on the idea of making such a list. A plastic water jug filled with brown water will be held up and you will be asked…Would You Drink This Water? Problems abound with this protest. Here are just a few:

    No ground water aquifer in this country has ever been polluted by hydraulic fracturing. This is the testimony of former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, recently confirmed by US Secretary of Energy Ernest Monitz. Drilling of a gas well, as opposed to hydraulic fracturing, just like drilling for anything else, can result in methane migration issues, but it’s rare and hasn’t been a problem in New York, due to our long-standing triple-casing standard. Opponents of natural gas development love the word “fracking” because it sounds mysterious (all those supposed chemicals) and that’s why they abuse it and extend it to anything and everything they can to build a false case. Nonetheless, those chemicals and that process have never polluted a water supply anywhere in the good old USA (check it out in New York’s SGEIS report).
    Going on six years now, this brown jug of water has made dozens and dozens of appearances in Albany. Despite repeated pleas to our Albany law makers to confiscate the jug and test the authenticity of the claim, no one has bothered to act and, so, the show goes on; the snake oil salesman is allowed to keep selling. Why have our legislators failed to test this jug that has held so many New York Landowners hostage so long? Why do our leaders let this go on and take the word of a man with a jug over the science in their own SGEIS report?
    The brown jug was made famous by Craig and Julie Saunter from Dimock, Pennsylvania, who begged the EPA to come test their private water well. They had exploited that brown jug, at the request of New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD), at town meetings all across New York and Pennsylvania, claiming hydraulic fracturing had filled their well with chemicals and multiple types of “weapons grade” uranium. When EPA tested their well and 60 others and found the wells had not been polluted by hydraulic fracturing, the infamous duo soon disappeared to New York (where they bought another property with a gas lease) and later to Tennessee.
    Before the Saunters’ case was demolished by the EPA, they settled and NYRAD tossed them overboard, Craig Stevens wrote on Julie’s Facebook page that he would continue to carry the brown jug. Stevens, of course, is connected to a group of trial lawyers who early support his work drumming up public support for frivolous lawsuits. He’s also apparently signed on with Food & Water Watch, another hustler enterprise on the Park Foundation payroll.
    The evidence against hydraulic fracturing and natural gas development is a bunch of junk science. Paid professors from Cornell University, for example, of whom Howarth & Ingraffea are just the two most famous, have tried to imply natural gas is dirtier than coal but their work has been debunked by their own peers at Cornell as well as industry and university scientists who have nearly unanimously panned their numbers as highly exaggerated.
    The Energy Information Administration says “U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions in early 2012 [are the] lowest since 1992,” due to natural gas development possible via horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
    New York State is encouraging the retrofitting of power plants in Upstate New York from coal to gas based generation. Ironically, one of these plant powers is located in the Planet Ithaca area, where outspoken anti-gas activist and New York legislator Barbara Lifton (D) has been silent on the issue because closing the plant would mean a huge job loss and tax base hit to Tompkins County. Howarth, Ingraffea and company haven’t had much to say either.
    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has said that, if the owners of New York’s Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, were to seek a building permit today, it would be denied because of the proximity of the location to millions of people, further noting there is no viable evacuation plan in place should a disaster like the one in Japan were to happen. Perhaps this is why Governor Cuomo wants to shift to natural gas.
    The politicians from New York City are pushing the conversion of the City’s taxis and delivery trucks from diesel to CNG and the conversion of heating systems from oil to natural gas to combat the thousands of cases of reported asthma annually in the Big Apple. Industry has built and is building pipelines to move more Marcellus Shale gas to the City so as to convert apartment buildings to natural gas, improve air quality and save people’s health and lives. All this is possible now due to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
    The biggest hypocrisy of this scheduled protest at the State of the State address on January 8 is this; if not for the activities of paid protestors and self-promoting celebrities such as Yoko Ono this issue might have been decided long ago. Yet, she and her equally non-talented son live in The Dakota apartment building, in the comfort of natural gas heat, as the building was converted recently to meet New York City environmental standards.
    So it goes with the war over hydraulic fracturing. The battle is being won almost everywhere but New York and will eventually be won here as well but, in the meantime, we have to endure all this sound and fury until the facts prevail. Don’t look for them to prevail on January 8, though.

    Want to know more? Want to share your own sources of information? Contact me at NYRAD-R, which, in contrast to the other NYRAD, supports safe drilling!

  10. Patricia Goldsmith on

    Those of us who are concerned about climate change will be there! We are seeing all the dangerous signs that warn we are on the brink of a catastrophe, from super-intense storms, to prolonged droughts, to devastating floods, to fires that cannot be contained. Fracking releases methane, a super greenhouse gas, which makes its carbon footprint as bad as coal. We are very far along on our way to self-destruction, which means getting off fossil fuels won’t be easy. We have the fossil fuel industry to thank for that, with all the billions of dollars they have poured and continue to pour into climate denial. But it is not too late. See you in Albany!

  11. So – instead of wasting precious resources to travel to Albany and contribute to the global warming you bleat about endlessly, why don’t you all stay home, turn off your fossil fueled heat, and run out to build windmills and solar farms? How many wind turbines has the Park or Heinz Foundations funded? NONE, I bet, because they are lying, loathsome hypocrites. They feel that their money buys them the right to tell the rest of us how we must live.

  12. Bill Owen: Great rebuttal. You can bet the farm that Ms. Goldsmith does not have one of these on her roof like I do: For all the hot air that she and her ilk spews, they could supply all of NY heat and then we wouldn’t need renewables or nat gas!

  13. VICTOR fURMAN on

    Hundreds of people will be in Albany at the state of the state protesting the very fuel that brought them together to protest, it is the same fuel used to create the signage they used in their protest, and is the same fuel that provided the means of telecommunications that brought them together in the first place. Although we respect all Americans right to free speech and opinion we can not understand the hypocrisy of protesting the very product those protesting against have created the market for, nor do we understand how those who organized this event in Albany can claim it to be “Grassroots” with the support of Hollywood Actors, Musicians, Yoko Ono as well as the Park Foundation, Heinz Foundation, and the many many foundations that have contributed tens of millions of dollars to stop drilling in NY, The only state that has denied it’s citizens their constitutional rights to access their minerals on there deeded land based on what ifs – lies – and debunked science

  14. VICTOR fURMAN on

    The landowners agree that the definition of crazy is repeating the same efforts over and over again expecting different results…. so no you wont see us in Albany but you will see us in the courts

  15. Ms. Corey stated: ” If HVHF is permitted in NY, there will be immediate lawsuits filed in relation to the compulsory integration law that forces unwilling landowners into allowing drilling into their property.” LOL!!!! Compulsory integration has been the law of the land for a long time. You think because HVHF’ing is permitted, it is going away because you say so? You have been at this so long, you are starting to not make any sense.

  16. Mario Correale on

    This is America and it’s a great thing to exercise freedom of speech and protest but check the validity of your cause first. Bloggers say there is polluted water and total land devastation, but where??? Ask these activists for a documents relating to their cause and most likely you will be personally attacked and shamed to divert your question. Truth is, out of one point three million wells drilled across the US only one quarter of one percent at the beginning had any issues which have been addressed. NY has thousands of wells drilled already in the western part of the state, check out the maps dating back to the 1800’s. This is not a new process with the exception of these activists who do not want people to know this has been around for a long time. Again’ ask these loud bloggers where they get their information.

  17. Due to the “Global Warming Crisis” Governor Cuomo has put out an alert……

    To Avoid Frostbite drink warm fluids and stay outside no more then 15 minutes if possible…..

    Tonights Forcast – 15 below with windchill factors of 25 below…

    Much of the Northeast is bracing for another week of fridgid temputures as the artic air decends upon the USA.

    Got Gas….?????

  18. Due to the “Global Warming Crisis” Governor Cuomo has put out an alert……

    To Avoid Frostbite drink warm fluids and stay outside no more then 15 minutes if possible…..

    Tonights Forecast – 15 below with windchill factors of 25 below…

    Much of the Northeast is bracing for another week of fridgid temputures as the artic air decends upon the USA.

    Got Gas….?????

  19. Victor, Mario, Bill, August. ..well said…if these folks have a better way of doing things, then why are they holding back? It is one thing to be concerned about the environment and that I respect, however to be hypothetical and refuse to listen to reason torpedoes their “argument”. I have asked these “antis” about other methods of natural gas extraction such as from agricultural digesters and landfills. They give me a deer in the headlights look and try to change the subject. The above methods two of the most “green” methods out there and you think they would support it. Well, guess what? They don’t because that information is not being piped into their ears by some attention starved entertainer who is on some foundation’s payroll.
    I guess lobbyists come comen all forms.