Rochester mayor’s driver stopped for speeding, not ticketed


Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has been taking heat for hiring her uncle as her security detail. Now the uncle was stopped for speeding on the Thruway as he and Warren were driving to the State of the State last Wednesday, the Times Union reported today.

Her driver and uncle, Reggie Hill, was not ticketed, the paper said, after he was reportedly going 97 mph near Gloversville.

Warren spokeswoman Chris Christopher disputed that they were going 97 mph, saying he thought “he was exceeding 80.”

Warren’s driver and bodyguard, Reggie Hill, is a retired bodyguard for former governors in Albany.

Christoper said Hill was not ticketed because he was following accepted practice for security details.

Hill “told me it is standard security protocol to travel faster than the average speed” on the highway, Christopher told the TU.

The paper said that there’s no indication of that exception for security detail in state traffic law, only for emergency vehicles.

There was no immediate comment this morning from Christopher.


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  1. it must be a really slow news day or a really lazy journalist taht wrote this . either way .. you have me board to death .. i am gonna look for a better website … get your sh%t together .. we deserve better information than this ..

  2. Everything I hear about this new mayor makes me feel sick. No wonder this city is dying. Its like Detroit, version 2.0

  3. Edward the public has a right to know about this. Rochester (white) residents are up in arms over this. As for the other residents, you know, as long as she is black….

  4. I worked for the city many Yeats ago never heard the mayor having a bodyguard and a family member at that I wonder who is picking up the payroll for him.? With monies being tight that should be the Last thing unless there is cause for it like to see just one complaint but when I heard that bill Johnson and Maggie brook backing her I knew someone is going to get screwed .. yup the taxpayers. Get ready people your going to need it you can call them the three STOOGEs

  5. Why is the first thing politicians do is lie? Why not take the ticket, admit it, not speed on the way back. If they had done this, there would be no news!