Anti-fracking activists to protest Cuomo’s Los Angeles fundraiser


It wouldn’t be a high-profile fundraiser for Gov. Andrew Cuomo without an appearance from anti-fracking protesters. Even if that fundraiser happens to be in Los Angeles.

Cuomo will travel to California today to attend a big-money fundraiser for his re-election campaign, which will be hosted by a number of A-list Hollywood executives and held at the home of Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos. Tickets run from $5,000 to $25,000 per person.

Food & Water Watch, a Washington D.C.-based group active in both New York and California, is organizing a group of anti-fracking protesters to hold signs along Sunset Boulevard before marching to Gianopulos’ home at the start of the fundraiser.

“As Governor Cuomo seeks to raise his political profile — as well as his account balances — beyond New York state, it’s important that he realize how strong opposition to fracking is becoming across the nation,” said Seth Gladstone, communications manager for Food & Water Watch. “It’s important he see that if he bans fracking here, he’d be a hero not just to New Yorkers, but to Americans from coast to coast.”

California passed a set of fracking regulations back in September, while Cuomo’s administration continues to weigh whether to allow large-scale fracking in New York. While California’s Monterey Shale is rich with oil, natural-gas drillers are hoping to tap into New York’s Marcellus Shale.

Meanwhile, fracking critics aren’t just trailing Cuomo’s events these days.

A Republican Party fundraiser in Albany on Tuesday featured potential gubernatorial candidate and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who drew about a dozen protesters in near-zero temperatures to criticize Astorino’s pro-drilling stance.


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  1. Efforts like this by groups such as Food and Water Watch will only show the rest of the country that Andy ‘Ditherer’ Cuomo is a weak, indecisive, and shiftless soul, totally incapable of making the tough decisions that are required of an executive. He’s not qualified to be anything other than the yes boy to groups such as this.

  2. I am disturbed that Cuomo feels the need to go to CA to raise money for a NY campaign. He should be concentrating on New York.

  3. Cuomo is in cahoots with the Hollywood Eletist and taking money…lots of it…. from the one percenters not to frack…

  4. Cuomo has to go to CA to raise money? You have to be kidding. It is great that the enviro terrorists are following him all over the place. That way the whole country gets to see what an indecisive politician looks like who is terrified of the likes of Yoko Ono. His chances of becoming POTUS are long gone between his tyrannical passage of the SAFE Act, his dithering on fracking, and now his latest insult against NY’ers who are against abortion, for the 2nd amendment, and believe marriage should be between a man and a woman…..and he has the nerve to tell them to LEAVE NY. Spineless tyrant.