Bartolotti announces candidacy for Putnam County clerk


Michael Bartolotti, Putnam County’s first deputy county clerk, has declared his candidacy for county clerk to replace Dennis Sant, who is retiring at the end of the year. Read on for his announcement:bartolotti



As of January 21, 2014, I officially declare my candidacy for the Office of Putnam County Clerk.

Since, 2002, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as First Deputy to County Clerk Dennis Sant. This has afforded me the opportunity to learn every aspect of the job and particularly serving on the management team to establish procedures and ensure efficient operation of the Clerk’s Office, DMV and Records Management. In short, there will be no learning curve at the tax payer’s expense.

My roots to the County Clerk’s office began in 1996 as a part time student worker. This allowed me to gain a thorough, working knowledge of every aspect of the department.

As a licensed attorney, I offer Putnam County 12 years’ experience in general legal matters, specializing in real estate, which represents a large portion of the responsibilities of the County Clerk’s Office. My extensive knowledge and skill-set are proven assets in reviewing and analyzing law as they pertain to the Office of the County Clerk, Motor Vehicles and Records Management.

I am a lifelong resident of Putnam County. My wife and I reside in the Town of Southeast. Putnam County is the home that I love. I’m rewarded daily by having the opportunity to advocate for the betterment of the community that has given so much to me, and I am honored to return that favor.

As County Clerk, I intend to protect and augment the reputation developed during my tenure as First Deputy Clerk by:

• Expanding the Return the FAVOR program to reach and serve our veterans.

• Advocating for confidential and private treatment of Pistol Licensee’s information.

• Expanding the use of technology to streamline office operations to provide the most efficient and cost effective service while improving ease of public access.

• Fighting to keep our Putnam DMV local and ensure short wait times and knowledgeable service while maintaining our revenue streams to help offset property taxes.

• Exploring a revival of naturalization ceremonies back to our County, allowing our residents to become U.S. Citizens without the backlogs and inconvenience of traveling as far as Manhattan.

“My lifelong ties to this community gives me the foundation necessary to serve and advocate for the bests interests of the citizens of Putnam County because this is the home I love and I am rewarded by having the pleasure to give back to my community that has given so much to me.”

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  1. SE Committee Member on

    Mike is a nice guy, but there is where it ends. As Chairman of the Southeast Republican Party for a while he was DOA and did nothing for the party or it’s candidates. The Clerks office is outdated and way behind times. Lawyers often complain about the time it takes to file their paper work and most is still done manually when everyone else has moved on to modern technology. Putnam County Clerks office is still in the dark ages.