Cuomo angers farmers in Rhode Island, and they are boycotting Albany


Farmers in Rhode Island are reportedly not taking kindly to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s remarks last month that conservatives have no place in New York.

Cuomo SOS 2014So the state’s Farm Bureau voted not to come to Albany in March for a conference of Northeastern farm bureaus, the Associated Press reported today.

Cuomo garnered national attention when he said in a radio interview that “extreme conservatives” have no place in New York. Cuomo’s aides have explained that he was trying to say that conservatives can’t win statewide office in New York, a heavily Democratic state.

The Rhode Island Farm Bureau, though, said that it won’t come to town because of “disturbing and insensitive” comments by Cuomo, AP reported.

From the AP:

The Rhode Island bureau feels the comments fly in the face of policies adopted by the American Farm Bureau and embraced by his group, including on guns, abortion and “family and moral responsibility.” The local president said Tuesday the organizations champion “freedom and family values.”

Messages were left with New York’s bureau and Cuomo’s office.


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  2. Cuomo will find out as time goes on that his arrogance and maliciousness will cost him a great deal of political capital. His chances of becoming POTUS are well behind him.