Astorino asks contributors to help prove he’s a viable candidate


As Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino gets closer to an announcement that he will run for governor, he is reaching out to his supporters and asking for help amassing the campaign war chest that will signal that he can be a credible competitor.

The theme of the campaign so far is making New York economically competitive, or, as he puts it, “Make NY a winning state again!” Here are some selections from his fundraising email:

Thank you for your support. My reelection campaign last fall was a tremendous success. They said we’d be a four-year “accident” but instead we were reelected by a large margin because we kept our promises to the people of Westchester and told them the truth about why we needed to fix county government….

Now I’m being encouraged to take on a greater challenge. New York State is losing under our current governor and we must take action before it is too late. Mr. Cuomo, with his finger perpetually in the breeze, tries to be all things to all people. The plain truth is Mr. Cuomo won’t make difficult decisions. His most recent budget is built on false assumptions, borrowed money, and funds he has literally seized from the private sector – like his $1.75 billion raid on the state insurance fund. This money – premiums paid by private businesses for workers’ compensation coverage – has been taken by Mr. Cuomo to balance his budget.

As I go around the state, I am hearing the same message from people everywhere: we can’t afford to remain dead last in business climate among states and succeed. One of my first challenges as County Executive was working closely with PepsiCo to keep their headquarters in the county. Like many companies in New York State, they were ready to pack up and go. After many meetings, PepsiCo not only decided to stay, but they doubled down and are building a larger facility offering even more opportunity and employment in the county. Westchester’s unemployment rate of 5.5 % is one of the lowest in New York State. We cannot be the state that people and businesses are fleeing from and pretend that we’re building a better future for our children. Growth and progress cannot be faked….


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  1. I have no objections to Rob Astorino running for higher office. That’s democracy. But, I object to the County Executive getting his full time salary of $160,000+ a year when he is not devoting full time attention to his job. Almost everything Rob has done since his re-election win has pertained to his campaign for Governor. Rob’s salary should be paid for by his campaign committee, not by the taxpayers. If a county employee did what Rob is doing –and didn’t show up for work every day, he’d be fired.
    Greenburgh Town Supervisor

  2. Only a second term County Executive he manages the highest taxing municipality in the U.S. He hasn’t done anything about it and he has no track record of accomplishment except fiscal mismanagement. He used the savings of employees who retired under a NYS incentive plan in 2010 to phony up an image of small tax increases and to hire a staff of campaign workers at taxpayer expense. He borrowed even more money to pay for his campaign staff which led to a Moody’s downgraded credit rating for Westchester. Astorino is offering the Republicans a staff of campaign workers paid for by Westchester taxpayers and campaign contributions from plenty of greedy special interests who want favors in return, and he’s willing to deliver. If he could he would take credit for the sunrise. Once it becomes patently clear that he cannot win he will use the excess campaign contributions for his personal needs-probably to buy a bigger house and vacation properties. He talks a good game and it’s all a lie. Don’t give this fraud a dime!

  3. Susan, where did you get your information. Not a true word did you speak, otherwise the Feds would be stepping in. Maybe you don’t like Mr. Astorino but he does not co-mingle county funds with campaign funds. Get it correct before commenting.