Comment period on NY energy plan extended to April 30


A comment period on the state’s draft energy plan has been extended by a month after a series of advocates raised concerns Friday.

The New York Energy Research Development Authority updated its website Friday after the letter was made public, revealing the deadline for submitting comments has been pushed back to April 30.

The comment period had been set to close March 31.

In a letter to NYSERDA’s president and CEO earlier Friday, a coalition of environmental, anti-fracking and good-government groups called on the authority to extend the deadline. The letter also called for number of other changes to the public response period, including the scheduling of hearings in the evening. (The six scheduled public hearings are all planned for the daytime hours.)

“A process that facilitates public understanding of the draft plan and provides the public meaningful influence over the final plan is paramount to achieving climate, efficiency and renewable energy goals,” the groups wrote earlier Friday.

NYSERDA first revealed the draft energy plan in January.


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  1. Until the anti frackers and other extremists come forth with viable alternatives and/or concede the negative impacts to the environment by such practices, they have no case.
    If they wish to be taken seriously, then they must bring forth those solutions.

  2. This is becoming a joke. Every time these non governmental groups say “jump”, Cuomo and the state asks “how high?” Don’t look now, but we the voters of NY have lost control of our state. I thought our elected officials ran things, but I am now corrected, The NGO’s have taken over and we seem to be at their mercy.